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A Guide to Integrated Rural Accessibility Planning in Malawi
2000; Rob Dingen; Empleo

A Guide to Worker Displacement Some tools for reducing the impact on workers, communities and enterprises
2001; Gary B. Hansen; Empleo

A field study of microinsurance in the Philippines
2002; Christopher Lomboy, Elmer S. Soriano, Eloisa A. Barbin; Empleo

Accessibility Planning and Local Development The application possibilities of the IRAP methodology
1998; Kanyhama Dixon-Fyle; Empleo

Achieving health insurance for all: Lessons from the Republic of Korea
2002; Soonman Kwon; Protección Social

Action against child labour
2000; IPEC; Normas y Principios y Derechos Fundamentales en el Trabajo

Adjustment, Employment & Missing Institutions in Africa The experience in Eastern and Southern Africa

Applying the comprehensive LED approach - The case of Croatia
2002; Carmela Salzano; Empleo

Applying the comprehensive LED approach - The case of Mozambique
2002; Geert van Boekel, Marjon van Logtestijn; Empleo

Assessing the impact of past distributional shifts on global poverty levels
2002; Malte Lübker; Empleo

Assessment Tool Kit Tools and processes for assessing the policy and legal framework for small enterprise development
Simon White; Empleo

Bangladesh: Bringing Poverty Focus in Rural Infrastructure Development
2002; Mustafa K. Mujeri; Empleo

Beyond survival - Organizing the informal economy
Diálogo Social

Bitter Harvest Child Labour in Agriculture
ILO ACTRAV, Tor Monsen; Diálogo Social

Brochure méthodologique sur les mutuelles de santé en Afrique

Building local government capacity for rural infrastructure works
2003; Bjorn Johannessen, Edmonds Geoff; Regiones

Business Development Services for Micro and Small Enterprises in Thailand
2003; Maurice Allal; Regiones

Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion - Volume 2 - A Case Study of Slovenia
2002; Nada Stropnik, Tine Stanovnik; Regiones

Combating child labour and HIV/AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa
2002; Bill Rau; Protección Social

Combatting Child labour: A Handbook for Labour Inspectors
2002; IPEC: SAFEWORK; Normas y Principios y Derechos Fundamentales en el Trabajo

Combatting Poverty and Social exclusion - Volume 1 - A Case Study of Hungary
2002; Katalin Tausz, Zsuzsa Ferge, Ágnes Darvas; Regiones

Combatting Trafficking in Children and Women in the Mekong - SELL - Sharing Experiences and Lessons Learned
2002; Normas y Principios y Derechos Fundamentales en el Trabajo

Communautés en marche au Sahel. L'impact d'un programme de développement participatif
ILO; Empleo

Community Based Training for Employment and Income Generation
1994; ILO Vocational Training Systems Management Branch, Turin Centre; Empleo

Community Contracts in Urban Infrastructure Works - Practical lessons from experience
2001; Jane Tournée, Wilma van Esch; Empleo

Confronting the Challenges. A Documentary on Women Entrepreneurship in Zambia
ILO; Empleo

Contributing to the fight against HIV/AIDS within the informal economy: The existing and potential role of decentralized systems of social protection (DSSP).
2002; STEP - ILO HIV/AIDS; Protección Social

Contribution of Works and Other Labour-Based Infrastructure to Poverty Alleviation: The Indian Experience
2002; Rohini Nayyer; Empleo

Cost and benefits of education to replace child labour
2003; Peter Metz; Normas y Principios y Derechos Fundamentales en el Trabajo

Creating an enabling environment for micro and small enterprise (MSE) development in Thailand
Simon White; Regiones

Crisis Response Rapid Needs Assessment
2002; Empleo

Decent Work matters in crisis; ILO response to crisis challenges
2003; Loretta de Luca; Empleo

Decent work and poverty reduction in the global economy
2000; Office of the DG

Decent work for poverty reduction: an ILO contribution to the PRSP in Nepal
ILO; Empleo

Disability and Poverty Reduction Strategies. How to ensure that access of persons with disabilities to decent and productive work is part of the PRSP process
2002; IFP Skills; Empleo

Doing Business in Tigray. Case studies of Women Entrepreneurs with Disabilities in Ethiopia
2003; Disability Programme, IFP Programme on Skills, Knowledge and Employability; Empleo

Employment Implications of the Global economic Slowdown 2001: Responding with a Social Focus
2002; Rizwan Islam; Empleo

Employment Intensive Reconstruction Works in Countries Emerging from Armed Conflicts
2001; Kaj Thorndahl; Empleo

Employment Policies for Poverty Reduction
2001; Azizur Rahman Khan; Empleo

Employment Policies for Poverty Reduction during Indonesia's Economic Recovery
2002; ILO; Empleo

Employment Poverty Linkages and Policies for Pro-poor Growth in Vietnam
2003; Bui Quang Tuan, Dinh Hien Minh, Pham Lan Huong; Empleo

Employment Poverty Linkages: Bangladesh
2003; K.M. Nab iul Islam, Rushidan Islam Rahman; Empleo

Employment and poverty in Sri Lanka : long-term perspectives
2000; Vali Jamal; Diálogo Social

Employment of Home Workers: Examples of Good practice
1995; Sarah Podro, Ursula Huws; Protección Social

Employment-Intensive Infrastructure Programmes: Capacity Building for Contracting in the Construction Sector
1999; Andreas Beusch, Jan de Veen, Peter Bentall; Empleo

Employment-Intensive Infrastructure Programmes: Labour policies and practices
2003; David Tajgman, Jan de Veen; Empleo

Employment-Poverty Linkages and Policy: The case of Bolivia
2003; Luis Carlos Jemio, María del Carmen Choque; Empleo

Enabling environments for jobs and entrepreneurship. How policies, laws and regulations influence employment in small enterprises
Gerhard Reinecke, Simon White; Empleo

Equipment finance for small contractors in public work programmes
2002; Kwaku Osei Bonsu, Linda Deelen; Empleo

Ethiopian Women Entrepreneurs: Striding with Confidence and Poise
ILO; Empleo

Ethnic Minorities - Emerging Entrepreneurs in Rural Viet Nam: A Study on the Impact of Business Training on Ethnic Minorities
2001; David Lamotte, Jens D. Christensen; Empleo

Exploring the Employment Nexus: Topics in Employment and Poverty
2002; S. R. Osmani

Extending Social Protection in Health Through Community Based Health Organisations: Evidence and Challenges
STEP, Universitas; Protección Social

Extending Social Security: Policies for Developing Countries
2003; Wouter van Ginneken; Protección Social

Extending health insurance in Senegal : options for statutory schemes and mutual schemes
2002; Couty Fall; Protección Social

Extending maternity protection to women in the informal economy. An overview of community-based health financing schemes
2003; Shook-Pui Lee; Protección Social

Extending maternity protection to women in the informal economy. The case of Nepal
2002; Mirai Chatterjee, SEWA team; Protección Social

Extending maternity protection to women in the informal economy. The case of Vimosewa, India
2002; Nirmala Sharma; Protección Social

Fact Sheets on Child Labour Issues
2003; IPEC; Normas y Principios y Derechos Fundamentales en el Trabajo

Financial support for micro and small enterprises (MSEs) in Thailand
Mark Paetkau; Regiones

Formation à l'autogestion des périmètres irrigués: Base méthodologique du programme d'alphabétisation fonctionelle
1995; BIT-ACOPAM; Empleo

Formation à l'autogestion des périmètres irrigués: Guide d'évaluation du programme d'alphabétisaton fonctionnelle
1996; BIT-ACOPAM; Empleo

Formation à l'autogestion des périmètres irrigués: La redevance
1996; BIT-ACOPAM; Empleo

Formation à l'autogestion des périmètres irrigués: Première phase du programme d'alphabétisation fonctionelle
1995; BIT-ACOPAM; Empleo

Formation à l'autogestion des périmètres irrigués: Troisième phase du programme d'alphabétisaton fonctionnelle
1996; BIT-ACOPAM; Empleo

Formation à la gestion des banques céréalières - Auto-évaluation

Formation à la gestion des banques céréalières: Approvisionnement, stockage et cession des céréales
1997; BIT-ACOPAM; Empleo

Formation à la gestion des banques céréalières: Bilan de la campagne

Formation à la gestion des banques céréalières: Comptabilité
1997; BIT-ACOPAM; Empleo

Formation à la gestion des banques céréalières: Organisation interne
1997; BIT-ACOPAM; Empleo

From Workfare to Fair Work. The Contribution of Public Works and other Labour-Based Infrastructure Programmes to Poverty Alleviation
2002; Stephen Devereux; Empleo

Gender Equality: A Guide to Collective Bargaining
2002; Elizabeth Goodson, Faith O'Neill, Kathini Maloba-Caines, Shauna Olney; Diálogo Social

Gender Guidelines for Employment and Skills Training in Conflict-Affected Countries
1998; Empleo

Gender and Natural Disasters
2000; Elaine Enarson; Empleo

Gender equality and decent work in Thailand: Strengthening the role of labour standards in selected developing member countries
2002; ADB, ILO, Pawadee Tongudai; Regiones

Gender inequalities, economic growth and economic reform: A preliminary longitudinal evaluation
2002; Gwyndolyn Weathers, Nancy Forsythe, Nomaan Majid, Roberto Korzeniewicz, Valerie Durrant; Empleo

Generate Your Business Idea (GYBI). A Workbook for Potential Entrepreneurs
1998; Barbara Murray, Milena Hileman, Sibongile Sibanda; Empleo

Genre et organisation paysanne

Genre et systèmes financiers décentralisés
2001; BIT; Empleo

Getting at the roots : stopping exploitation of migrant workers by organized crime
Gloria Moreno-Fontes, Patrick A. Taran; Normas y Principios y Derechos Fundamentales en el Trabajo

Global poverty: National accounts-based versus survey-based estimates
2003; Massoud Karshenas; Empleo

Globalization and Poverty
2003; Nomaan Majid; Empleo

Globalization and the Informal Economy: How global trade and investment impact on the working poor
2002; Marilyn Carr, Martha Alter Chen; Empleo

Good Practices: Gender mainstreaming in actions against child labour
2003; Una Murray; Normas y Principios y Derechos Fundamentales en el Trabajo

Good practicies: Gender mainstreaming in actions against child labour
2003; Anita Amorim, Collin Piprell, Una Murray; Normas y Principios y Derechos Fundamentales en el Trabajo

Growth, Employment, Poverty and Policies in Ethiopia: An Empirical Investigation
2003; Fantu Guta, Mulat Demeke, Tadele Ferede; Empleo

Guidelines on occupational safety and health management systems. ILO-OSH 2001
2001; Protección Social

HIV Epidemic and other crisis response in sub-Saharan Africa
2002; Desmond Cohen; Empleo

HIV/AIDS and the World of Work. An ILO code of practice
2001; ILO Programme on HIV/AIDS and the World of Work; Protección Social

Health Micro Insurance: Abidjan Platform. Strategies to Support Mutual Health Organizations
1999; STEP; Protección Social

Health Micro-insurance. A Compendium
2000; Shook Pui Lee; Protección Social

Higher Productivity and a Better Place to Work Practical ideas for owners and managers of small and medium-sized industrial enterprises
1988; A.E. Louzine, J.E. Thurman, K Kogi; Protección Social

Human capital and the HIV epidemic in sub-Saharan Africa
2002; Desmond Cohen; Protección Social

I-WEB Action Manual and Trainers' Guide - Improve Your Work Environment and Business for Micro Manufacturers
1999; ILO South-East Asia and the Pacific MDT; Protección Social

ILO Convention on Indigenous and Tribal Peoples, 1989 (No. 169). A Manual
2000; Project to Promote ILO Policy on Indigenous and Tribal Peoples; Normas y Principios y Derechos Fundamentales en el Trabajo

ILO Crisis Response Trainer's Guide
2003; IFP CRISIS; Empleo

ILO Generic Crisis Response Modules
2002; Empleo

Identification of Economic Opportunities for Women's Groups and Communities
2003; Gerda Heyde; Empleo

Implementing the ILO Code of Practice on HIV/AIDS and the world of work
2003; ILO Programme on HIV/AIDS and the World of Work; Protección Social

Improve Your Business (IYB) BASICS. Practical Management for Small Businesses
1997; Barbara Murray; Ejvind Mogensen, Cecilia Palmer, Håkan Jarskog, Mats Borgenvall, Robert Zegers; Empleo

Improve your Working Environment and Business (I-WEB) for Micro and Small Entrepreneurs. Action Manual

Improving Business through Better Working Conditions - Training for Micro and Small Entrepreneurs
2003; Marilou M. Calzado; Empleo

Improving Working Conditions and Productivity in the Garment Industry An Action Manual
1998; Juan Carlos Hiba; Protección Social

Improving access in rural areas: guidelines for integrated rural accessibility planning
2003; Chris Donnges; Regiones

Infrastructure Development and the Informal Sector in The Philippines
2002; Sandra O. Yu; Empleo

International Best Practice in Micro and Small Enterprise Development
Maurice Allal; Regiones

Introduction to Microfinance in Conflict-Affected Countries
2002; Caroline Tsilikounas, Dave Larson, Geetha Nagarajan, Judith van Doorn, Mayada El-Zoghbi, Myriam Houtart, Patience Alidri; Empleo

Is the Minimum Wage an Effective Tool to Promote Decent Work and Reduce Poverty? The Experience of Selected Developing Countries
2001; Catherine Saget; Empleo

Job Creation Policies at Local Level and the Role of the Social Partners in Europe
2002; Marco Biagi; Diálogo Social

Job Quality needs and demands assessment methodology
IFP SEED; Empleo

Jobs After War : A critical challenge in the peace and reconstruction puzzle
2003; Eugenia Date-Bah; Empleo

Jobs, Gender and Small Enterprises - a Study on Women's Enterprise Development
Gerry Finnegan, Pat Richardson, Rhona Howarth; Empleo

Labour Market Policies, Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction: Lessons and Non-Lessons from the Comparative Experience of East, South-East and South Asia
2003; Rizwanul Islam; Empleo

Labour market policies and poverty reduction strategies in recovery from the Asian crisis
2002; Government of Japan, Government og Indonesia, ILO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific; Regiones

Learning from Experience: A gendered approach to social protection for workers in the informal economy
2000; Francis Lund, Smita Srinivas; Protección Social

Learning to change: Skills development among the economically vulnerable and socially excluded in developing countries
1999; Paul Bennell; Empleo

Leasing for Small and Micro Enterprises
2003; Linda Deelen, Louis Othieno, Mauricio Dupleich, Oliver Wakelin; Empleo

Linking Women's Employment to the reduction of Child Labour - Tanzania

Local Economic Development in Post-Crisis Situations
2003; Alfredo Lazarte-Hoyle, Carmela Salzano, Martin Gasser, Roberto Di Meglio; Empleo

Local Economic Development, Human Development and Decent Work. Summary. Paper 2: Best practices and trends
Giancarlo Canzanelli, Giordano Dichter

Local Employment in the Informal Economy. Course Guide for staff in local governments and partnership organizations
2001; Adrian Atkinson, IFP SEED; Empleo

MATCOM Cooperative Management Training
ILO MATCOM Programme; Empleo

Making Guarantee Funds Work for Small and Micro Enterprises
2000; Gabriel Reyes, James Roth, Peter van Rooij, Sarah Gray, Thierry Mahieux; Empleo

Making Insurance Work for Microfinance Institutions A Technical Guide to Developing and Delivering Microinsurance
2003; Craig F. Churchill, Dominic Liber, James Roth, Michael J. McCord; Empleo

Management Guide for Promoting and Strengthening Member-based Small Business Associations
IFP SEED; Empleo

Managing disability in the workplace : ILO code of practice
ILO; Empleo

Managing emerging health-related problems at work - SOLVE: stress, tobacco, alcohol and drugs, HIV/AIDS, violence,
2002; Annette Schaap, David Gold, Vittorio Di Martino; Protección Social

Micro and small enterprises (MSEs) in Thailand: definitions and contributions
Maurice Allal; Regiones

Micro-finance interventions : tools to combat the worst forms of child labour including trafficking
2002; ILO Bangkok, Paula Francis Kelly; Normas y Principios y Derechos Fundamentales en el Trabajo

Microfinance Strategies for HIV/AIDS Mitigation and Prevention in Sub-Saharan Africa
2001; Amy McDonagh; Empleo

Microinsurance in Burkina Faso
Aliton Ido, Michael Aliber; Empleo

Modular Package on Gender Poverty and Employment
2000; Integration; Departamento de Integración de Políticas

Module Introduction à la gestion des terroirs
1996; BIT-ACOPAM; Empleo

Module Organisation villageoise en gestion des terroirs
1997; BIT-ACOPAM; Empleo

Module Photo-interprétation et cartographie en gestion des terroirs
1996; BIT-ACOPAM; Empleo

Mutual Guarantee Associations: What are they and how do they work?
2003; Dino Barrano, Fedart Fidi, Giuseppe Vivace, Paolo Nardelli, Roberto Campaniello, Sabrina de Gobbi; Empleo

Mutual health organizations and micro-entrepreneurs' associations. Guide
2001; SEED : STEP; Protección Social

Mutuelles de santé en Afrique: caractéristiques et mise en place : manuel de formateurs
World Solidarity. Alliance nationale des mutualités chrétiennes de Belgique, ILO-STEP; Protección Social

National income, its distribution and the poor: Some differences between present day developing countries
2003; Nomaan Majid; Empleo

ORT Health Plus Scheme in the Province of La Union, Philippines. A case study of a community based health micro-insurance scheme
2002; Editha Aldaba, Maria Eufemia Yap; Protección Social

Of Nets and Assets. Effects and impacts of employment-intensive programmes - A review of ILO experience
1998; Willem Keddeman; Empleo

Organization, Negotiation and Contracting in Development Programmes and Projects. A study of current practice at the community level.
2001; Peter Oakley; Empleo

Organization, Negotiation and Contracting: Case Study of West Gandak and Marchawar Lift Irrigation Systems (Nepal)
2002; Dr. Khem Raj Sharma, Mr. I. P. Neupane, Mr. Narahari Dhakal; Empleo

Our Project Participatory Planning and evaluation for and by Indigenous and Tribal Peoples
2001; Huseyin Polat; Empleo

Poverty Alleviation through Micro and Small Enterprise Development
ILO Bangkok

Poverty reduction and decent work in a globalizing world
2001; ILO Governing Body Working Party on Social Dimension of Globalization

Poverty, Employment and Wages: An Indonesian Perspective
2002; Iyanatul Islam

Preventing Discrimination and Abuse of Women Migrant Workers - An Information Guide
2003; Katerine Landuyt, Lin Lean Lim, Mary Kawar, Minawa Ebisui, Sriani Ameratunga; Empleo

Promoting of gender equality in action against child labour: A practical guide for organizations
Busakorn Suriyasarn, Nelien Haspels; Normas y Principios y Derechos Fundamentales en el Trabajo

Public-private partnerships in the health sector: Experiences from developing countries
2002; Johannes Jütting; Protección Social

Rapid Assessment of Poverty Impacts RAPI - Elaboration of a Rapid Survey Method of Assessing the Poverty Reduction Impacts of Pilot Employment-Intensive Projects
2000; Laura Murphy; Empleo

Rapid Market Appraisal (A manual for trainers)
1998; Ituka Katendwa; Empleo

Rapid Market Appraisal: Manual for Entrepreneurs
1998; Ituka Katendwa; Empleo

Rediscovering the cooperative advantage - Poverty reduction through self-help
2003; Johnston Birchall; Empleo

Redistribution Matters: Growth for Poverty Reduction
2001; Hulya Dagdeviren, John Weeks, Rolph van der Hoeven; Empleo

Reducing the decent work deficit - a global challenge
2001; Office of the DG

Report of Training Workshop "Informal Sector Empowerment for Local Economic Development"
2003; Urban and Regional Development Institute(URDI); Empleo

Roadmap Study of the Informal Sector in Mainland Tanzania
2002; Dixon Fyle Kanyhama, SEED; Empleo

Role of special labour-intensive public works programmes in alleviating rural unemployment, underemployment and poverty in the Asian and Pacific region

Rural Access and Employment. The Laos Experience
1998; Chris Donnges; Empleo

Rural Employment in India: Current Situation, Challenges and Potential for Expansion
2003; G. K. Chadha; Empleo

Rural communities making strides in the Sahel : Impact of a participatory development programme on poverty alleviation
ILO; Empleo

Sending Workers Abroad: A manual for low- and middle-income countries
1997; Manollo Abella; Protección Social

Site Supervisor Course for Labour-Based and Community-Managed Upgrading of Urban Low-Income Settlements
2002; Andreas Beush, Marie Winsvold; Empleo

Social Dialogue - Finding a Common Voice
InFocus Programme on Social Dialogue; Diálogo Social

Social Dialogue and Social and Economic Development in Kenya
Tayo Fashoyin; Diálogo Social

Social Dialogue and the Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP) Process in Cambodia : an Assessment
2003; Graeme J. Buckley; Diálogo Social

Social Health Insurance - a Guidebook for Planning
1994; A. Weber, C. Normand, ILO, WHO; Protección Social

Social Security (Manuals 1-5)
1998; ILO; Protección Social

Social Security for all Indians
1998; ILO; Protección Social

Social programmes, food security and poverty in Peru
2003; José Falconí Palomino; Protección Social

Social security for the excluded majority. Case studies of developing countries
1999; ILO; Protección Social

Special services of rural workers' organizations. A workers' educational manual
1994; ILO; Diálogo Social

Start Your Business (SYB) Business Plan. A Step-by-Step Guide to Starting a Business
1998; Douglas Stevenson, Hakan Jarskog; Empleo

Start Your Business (SYB) Manual. A Step-by-Step Guide to Starting a Business
1998; Douglas Stevenson, Hakan Jarskog; Empleo

Start Your Waste Collection Service : A Technical Step-by-Step Guide of how to Start a Community-based Waste Collection Service
ILO/ASIST Africa, ILO/SEED, SIYB Programme; Empleo

Start Your Water Distribution Service: A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Start a Community-based Water Distribution Service
ILO/ASIST Africa, ILO/SEED, SIYB Programme; Empleo

Strengthening Public-Private Partnerships to Promote and Create Urban Employment in Viet Nam

Structure and functions of rural workers' organisations. A workers' educational manual
1990; ILO; Diálogo Social

Successes in anti-poverty: National-level poverty performance
2001; Julie Litchfield, Michael Lipton; Empleo

Sustainable community-managed and labour-based upgrading of urban low-income settlements
2002; Hamish Goldie Scot, Jan Fransen, Wilma van Esch; Empleo

The Indonesian Situation of Public-private Partnerships and the Informal Economy
2002; Urban and Regional Development Institute (URDI); Empleo

The Linkages Between Women's Conditions of Employment and Family Welfare and Child Labour
2003; Dr. Bal Gopal Baidya, Mr. Madhup Dhungana, Ms. Rojee Kattel; Empleo

The Novadeci Health Care Programme Philippines
2001; Reginald Indon; Protección Social

The Way We Work with Indigenous and Tribal Peoples - participative extension and training methods for indigenous and tribal extension workers
1996; Roald Gustafsson; Empleo

The Work of Giants: Rebuilding Cambodia
2002; Brian Wenk; Regiones

The Working Poor in India: Employment-Poverty Linkages and Employment Policy Options
2002; K. Sundaram, Suresh D. Tendulkar; Empleo

The contribution of mutual health organizations to financing, delivery, and access to health care: Synthesis of research in nine West and Central African countries
1998; Chris Atim; Protección Social

The extension of social security coverage: The approach of the International Labour Office
2002; Emmanuel Reynaud; Protección Social

The needs and characteristics of a sample of micro and small enterprises (MSEs) in Thailand
Maitree Wasuntiwongse; Regiones

The non-contributory pension programme in Argentina: Assessing the impact on poverty reduction
2002; F. Bertranou, C. O. Grushka; Protección Social

The role of the ILO in implementing Local Economic Development strategies in a globalized world
2003; Andrés Rodríguez-Pose; Empleo

The size of the working poor population in developing countries
2001; Nomaan Majid; Empleo

Towards a Decent Work Strategy for Poverty Reduction in Tanzania
2002; Diálogo Social

Trade Unions and Child Labour
1996; A. Fyfe, M. Jankanish; Diálogo Social

Trade unions and child labour in Uganda : a workers' education handbook
2002; Harriet Mugambwa, ILO, Mohammed Mwamadzingo, Ouma Mugeni; Diálogo Social

Unbearable to the human heart: child trafficking and action to eliminate it
2002; June Kane, Panudda Boonpala; Normas y Principios y Derechos Fundamentales en el Trabajo

Urban Poverty and the Informal Sector: A Critical Assessment of Current Strategies
1997; S.V. Sethuraman

Urban Poverty in China: Measurement, Patterns and Policies
Athar Hussain; Protección Social

Work Improvement in Neighbourhood Development.WIND Programme
2003; Ton That Khai, Tsuyoshi Kawakami; Protección Social

Work-Family (W-F) Country Studies
2003; Protección Social

Working out of Poverty
Office of the DG

World and regional employment prospects: Halving the world's working poor by 2010
2003; Claire Harasty, Stefan Berger; Empleo


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