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  • Mining and quarrying


CIS 72-1998 Labour Code. Law No.151 of 1970 [Iraq]
Loi n°151 du 16 juillet 1970, portant le Code du traail [Irak] [en francés]
Chapter VII(p.30-33) covers working conditions in mines and quarries. It provides for pre-employment, periodic and terminal medical examinations, limits, in principle, the working day to 7h, stipulates the posting of safety regulations, defines the employer's obligations concerning specific aspects of safety and health, etc. Chapter VIII (p.33-34) stipulates general occupational safety and health provisions: informing workers of hazards; protecting workers against safety and health hazards; workers' obligation to respect safety and health provisions; sanctions against offending employers; organisation of medical services in firms employing over 500 workers.
ILO Legislative Series, Nov.-Dec. 1971, No.6, 92p.