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CIS 91-1410 Canada Labour Code - Coal Mines (CBDC) Occupational Safety and Health Regulations [Canada]
Code canadien du travail - Règlement sur la sécurité et la santé dans les mines de charbon (SDCB) [Canada] [en francés]
These regulations under Part II of the Canada Labour Code concern safety and health in Nova Scotia coal mines. Contents: explosives and detonators; safe occupancy of the workplace, including mine inspections; underground transportation and hoisting; ventilation; explosion and fire protection; approval procedures for mine construction or alteration plans; investigation and reporting of hazardous occurrences.
Canada Gazette - Gazette du Canada, 14 Feb. 1990, Part II, Vol.124, No.4, p.550-603.

CIS 90-1757 Canada Labour Code - Coal Mining Safety Commission Regulations [Canada]
Code canadien du travail - Règlement sur la Commission de la sécurité dans les mines de charbon [Canada] [en francés]
Regulation concerning the manner in which members of the Coal Mining Safety Commission, established by Part II of the Canada Labour Code, are to be selected. The Commission will be composed of 2 members representing employers, 2 members representing non-supervisory employees, and a Chairperson appointed by the Minister of Labour. The terms of office for the Chairperson will be 2 years and for the other members 1 year.
Canada Gazette - Gazette du Canada, 14 Feb. 1990, Part II, Vol.124, No.4, p.604-607.


CIS 93-1767 Uranium and Thorium Mining Regulations [Canada]
Règlement sur les mines d'uranium et de thorium [Canada] [en francés]
Regulations issued on 21 Apr. 1988 under the authority of the federal Atomic Energy Control Act. It covers the following aspects of the mining of radioactive ores: licensing; preparation and submission of Codes of Practice; ventilation and dust control; mining facilities (obligations; loss, escape and release of ores); waste management; washing facilities, change and lunch rooms, and work clothes; management, supervision and training; responsibilities and rights of workers; inspection and compliance; reports and records; general requirements (medical surveillance, respirators, etc). In annex: mines and mills (plans, descriptions, safety measures, environmental impact studies, waste management systems); outline of a Basic Radiation Health and Safety Training Programme and of a Job-related Programme; information to be submitted to the authorities on mines, mills and waste management systems; contents of a Regulatory Impact Analysis Statement.
Canada Gazette - Gazette du Canada, 11 May 1988, Part II, Vol.122, No.10, p.2361-2401.


CIS 85-2090 Uranium Mines (Ontario) Occupational health and safety regulations, 7 June 1984
Règlement sur la santé et la sécurité au travail dans les mines d'uranium de l'Ontario [en francés]
The regulations provide for the general health and safety of employees at uranium mining facilities in Ontario and adopt by reference the laws of Ontario in respect of this matter.
Canada Gazette - Gazette du Canada, 27 June 1984, Part II, Vol.118, No.13, p.2704-2708.