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CIS 75-1848 Safety regulations for boiler installations - Soda furnaces
Kattilalaitosten turvallisuusohjeet - Soodakattilat [en finlandés]
Säkerhetsföreskrifter för pannanläggningar - Soda pannor [en sueco]
These directives apply to boilers equipped with black-liquor recovery furnaces. Reference to Finnish legislation concerning flammable liquids and corrosion protection is followed by data on the combustion properties of black liquor and the physical prerequisites for a furnace explosion. Rules are given for the safe handling of black liquor, design and construction of burners, instrumentation, safety devices (automatic controls, high-speed drainage system, etc.), starting up and operation, dealing with emergencies and leaks, combustion methods, operating instructions and periodical inspections of boiler tubes. CIS has only the Swedish-language version.
Teollisuuspalo tiedonantoja - Industribrand meddelanden, Suojeluohje B1.45,6. Safety Committee for Boiler Installations (Kattilalaitosten Turvallisuuskomitea), Helsinki. K.Y. Teollisuusvakutuus, Vattuniemenkuja 8, 00210 Helsinki, Finland, 1974. 6p. (Also published in Helsinki, 1974, No.4, p.23-28).