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  • Inorganic substances


CIS 93-715 Decree No.274/89 of 21 Aug. 1989, establishing various measures of protection of the health of workers against the risks of exposure to lead [Portugal]
Estabelece diversas medidas de protecção da saúde dos trabalhadores contra os riscos de exposição ao chumbo [en portugués]
This decree implements in Portuguese legislation Directive 82/605/EEC (see CIS 83-1783) concerning exposure to lead and its ionic compounds in the workplace. It concerns: general concepts and definitions; general safety measures; exposure evaluation; determination of lead concentration in air; what to do when the action level, the exposure limit and the biological limit are exceeded; incidents and emergency situations; medical surveillance of workers exposed to lead; hygienic measures; personal protection; welfare and hygiene facilities; information of workers; keeping and consultation of records. In annex: indicative list of activities where exposure to lead occurs; basic requirements of equipment used for sampling and for the determination of lead concentration in air; abbreviations of determination methods for biological indicators.
In: Colectânea de Legislação - Segurança, higiene e saúde no trabalho - Instrumentos comunitários e legislação portuguesa, Serviço de Informação Científica e Técnica (SICT), Ministério do Emprego e da Segurança Social (MESS), Lisboa, Portugal, May 1992, p.LP 32-38.