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CIS 93-1767 Uranium and Thorium Mining Regulations [Canada]
Règlement sur les mines d'uranium et de thorium [Canada] [en francés]
Regulations issued on 21 Apr. 1988 under the authority of the federal Atomic Energy Control Act. It covers the following aspects of the mining of radioactive ores: licensing; preparation and submission of Codes of Practice; ventilation and dust control; mining facilities (obligations; loss, escape and release of ores); waste management; washing facilities, change and lunch rooms, and work clothes; management, supervision and training; responsibilities and rights of workers; inspection and compliance; reports and records; general requirements (medical surveillance, respirators, etc). In annex: mines and mills (plans, descriptions, safety measures, environmental impact studies, waste management systems); outline of a Basic Radiation Health and Safety Training Programme and of a Job-related Programme; information to be submitted to the authorities on mines, mills and waste management systems; contents of a Regulatory Impact Analysis Statement.
Canada Gazette - Gazette du Canada, 11 May 1988, Part II, Vol.122, No.10, p.2361-2401.