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  • Agricultural chemicals


CIS 93-1076 Control of Pesticides Act, No.33 of 1980; Regulations made under the Act [Sri Lanka]
The Law (certified 5 Sep. 1980) applies to active ingredients and pesticide formulations with included adjuvants, as well as to adjuvants intended to be included in pesticide formulations at the point of use. Provisions of the Act concern: setting up of a Registrar of Pesticides and a Pesticide Formulatory Committee; functions of the Committee; applications for licensing a pesticide and the issuing of such licences; approved pesticides, containers and packages; cancellation of licences; prohibitions of manufacturing and commercialisation; prohibition of storage, transport and sale in close juxtaposition with foodstuffs; advertisements; storage in bulk; limitation (based on time of use and quantity present) of harvesting or sale of food crops in which pesticides have been used; authorised officers (inspectors); analysis of samples. The Regulations (published 2 May 1985) provide for the appropriate labelling of pesticides. In annex: pesticides prohibited for import and use; list of products registered under the Act, with corresponding trade names, formulation concentrations, use and classification.
In: Pesticides in Sri Lanka, Fernando R., Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, 14 Rotunda Gardens, Colombo 3, Sri Lanka, 1989 (ISBN 955-607-001-X), p.211-247.