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CIS 73-457
Department of Labour, Ottawa
Regulations respecting the design, construction, operation, use and maintenance of hand tools and portable power tools in Federal works, undertakings and businesses (Canada Hand Tools Regulations)
Règlement concernant le modèle, la fabrication, le fonctionnement, l'utilisation et l'entretien des outils à main et des outils portatifs à moteur, dans les ouvrages, entreprises et affaires de compétence fédérale (Règlement du Canada sur les outils à main) [en francés]
These regulations are issued pursuant to the Canada Labour Code, Part IV (Safety of Employees). Hand and portable power tools must be: designed and constructed for safe use; of non-sparking material where fire or explosive hazards exist; operated and used, by qualified persons only, in accordance with good industrial safety practice; inspected regularly and maintained in safe working condititon; free from hazardous defects before use; reported if defective, by employees to the person in charge, for making as unsafe and removal from service; moved and stored safely. Special rules cover electric and pneumatic portable power tools and explosive-actuated tools, including operating manuals, maintenance pland and records where prescribed by the safety officer. Replaced by CIS 86-1483.
Canada Gazette - Gazette du Canada, 8 Dec. 1971, Part II, partie II, Vol.105, No.23, p.1981-1984.