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  • País / Organización: Finlandia
  • Safety supervision


CIS 88-1779 Combine harvesters - Programme for safety inspection [Finland]
This regulation specifies the technical safety requirements needed for the mandatory inspection of combine harvesters. It includes detailed requirements for header, grain tank, engine, cab (dimensions, door and exit, steps), seat, controls (location, symbols, function), visibility, noise, vibration, ventilation, straw chopper, design for safe maintenance, manuals and fire extinguishers. Inspection done by VAKOLA (State Research Institute of Engineering in Agriculture and Forestry).
National Board of Labour Protection, Box 536, 33101 Tampere, Finland, July 1984. 9p.

CIS 84-1709
(Jord- och skogsbruksministeriet)
Ordinance on pesticides
Förordning om bekämpningsmedel [en sueco]
This ordinance (effective: 1 Mar. 1984), published in accordance with the Law on Pesticides dated 23 May 1969 (modified 10 Feb. 1984), institutes a Pesticide Inspection Commission. This commission will be charged with controlling and evaluating the toxicity of pesticides before they are marketed. Chapters on: procedures for requesting registration of pesticides; contents of the pesticide registry; packaging in which pesticides can be sold and appropriate information to be given on the packaging; transport, storage and trade; use of pesticides; products treated with pesticides.
Suomen asetuskokoelma - Finlands författningssamling, 24 Feb. 1984, No.211, p.442-445.


CIS 84-107
(Social- och hälsovårdsministeriet)
Decree on the maintenance of registers of toxic substances and on a system of identification and marking of hazardous substances
Beslut om förteckningen över gifter samt om ett identifikations- och märkningssystem för hälsofarliga ämnen [en sueco]
This decree (effective 1 July 1984) concerns toxic, corrosive, harmful, and irritant substances, danger warnings to be used for their identification, their packaging and labelling (statements of hazard, safety measures) which should be included on packaging. In annexes: a list of 1435 substances with the symbols and statements to be used with them; a list of statements; a list of allergens.
Suomen asetuskokoelma - Finlands författningssamling, 22 Apr. 1983, No.383, p.809-851.


CIS 80-127 Order of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health concerning carcinogens
Social- och hälsovårdsministeriets beslut om ämnen som föranleder risk för kancersjukdom [en sueco]
Pursuant to the Decree of the Council of State of 11 Dec. 1975 (CIS 77-794), this Order prohibits the use of 12 substances (the same as those covered by the Order, now repealed, of 10 Feb. 1977 (CIS 77-1943)) and prescribes restrictions on 15 other substances (auramine, benzene, dianisidine, 3,3'-dichlorobenzidine, 3,3'-dimethylbenzidine, ethylenimine, ethylenethiourea (2-imidazolidinethione), hexamethylphosphoric triamide, crocidolite, 4,4'-methylenebis(2-chloroaniline), 1-naphthylamine, nickel carbonyl, 1,3-propanesultone, propylenimine, mustard gas). A third group of substances is subject to the limitations specified in the 1975 decree.
Suomen asetuskokoelma - Finlands författningssamling, 28 Nov. 1978, No.879, p.1903-1904.