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  • Safety supervision


CIS 73-534 Regulations respecting entry into and occupancy of hazardous confined spaces in federal works, undertakings and businesses (Canada Confined Spaces Regulations)
Règlement concernant l'accès aux espaces clos dangereux et leur occupation dans les ouvrages, entreprises ou affaires de compétence fédérale [en francés]
Issued pursuant to the Canada Labour Code, Part IV (Safety of Employees), these regulations apply to entry into and occupancy of confined spaces in federal works, undertakings and businesses. Safe ingress and egress must be assured for employees wearing prescribed protection equipment. Precautions include: person in charge must observe each entry; prevention of inadvertent or accidental entry; hazard evaluation and warning; pre-entry emergency and rescue procedures, instruction and training; safety levels of toxic airborne substances; correction of oxygen deficiency; removal and prevention from entry of liquids and free-flowing solids; occupancy time limit; pure air breathing apparatus; safety harness; ventilation equipment with safety alarm; inspection, maintenance and defective equipment procedures. Replaced by CIS 86-1483.
Canada Gazette - Gazette du Canada, 9 Feb. 1972, Part II, Vol.106, No.3, p.156-161.