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CIS 91-1777 National Building Code of Canada 1990
This is a recommended model code for adoption by appropriate authorities. It is essentially a minimum set of regulations thought to be necessary for public health, fire safety, and structural sufficiency. It establishes a standard of safety for building construction, including extensions or alterations, the evaluation of buildings undergoing a change of occupancy, and upgrading of buildings to remove hazards. The Code is composed of the following parts: scope and definitions; general requirements; use and occupancy; structural design; wind, water and vapour protection; heating, ventilating and air conditioning; plumbing services; safety measures at construction and demolition sites; housing and small buildings.
National Research Council of Canada, Associate Committee on the National Building Code, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, 10th ed., 1990. xv, 423p. Illus. Index.

CIS 91-1771 National Fire Code of Canada 1990
This Code, updating previous editions, contains technical requirements designed to provide an acceptable level of fire protection and prevention within a community. It also contains advice to adopting authorities on preparing the administrative requirements necessary for the enactment of the Code. The Parts of the Code are: application and definitions; building and occupant fire safety; industrial and commercial occupancies; flammable and combustible liquids; hazardous materials, processes and operations; installation, inspection, testing, maintenance and operation of fire protection equipment; inspection, testing and maintenance of fire emergency systems in high buildings. In annex: first revisions and errata.
National Research Council of Canada, Associate Committee on the National Fire Code, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, 6th ed., 1990. xviii, 180p. Index.


CIS 73-458
Department of Labour, Canada
Regulations respecting fire safety and emergency measures for Federal works, undertakings and businesses (Canada Fire Safety Regulations)
Règlement 1 concernant les mesures d'urgence et la protection contre l'incendie dans les ouvrages, entreprises et affaires de compétence fédérale (Règlement du Canada concernant la protection contre l'incendie) [en francés]
These regulations are issued pursuant to the Canada Labour Code, Part IV (Safety of Employees). Buildings must be designed, constructed and equipped following provincial (depending on location) and other approved fire prevention and protection standards. Detailed emergency plans must be submitted for authorised approval, kept up to date and available to safety officers for buildings where employees on any one shift exceed 50 (unless all occupy the ground floor) or unusual fire or explosion hazards exist. Where plans are required, chief and deputy chief wardens and wardens and deputies for each occupied floor must be appointed, instructed and trained. Annual and plan revision meetings, building inspections and emergency drills are mandatory. Carbon tetrachloride extinguishers are forbiddent. Replaced by CIS 86-1483.
Canada Gazette - Gazette du Canada, 8 Dec. 1971, Part II, Vol.105, No.23, p.2049-2053.