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  • País / Organización: Portugal
  • Halogenated hydrocarbons


CIS 93-714 Decree No.273/89 of 21 Aug. 1989, approving measures taken for the protection of the health of workers against the risks of exposure to vinyl chloride monomer in the workplace [Portugal]
Aprova o regime de protecção da saúde dos trabalhadores contra os riscos de exposição ao cloreto de vinilo monómero nos locais de trabalho [en portugués]
This decree is issued in accordance with provisions of Decree 479/85 concerning carcinogens (see CIS 87-735). It also implements in Portuguese legislation Directive 78/610/EEC (see CIS 78-1376) concerning vinyl chloride monomer (VCM). The Decree concerns: general safety measures; exposure evaluation; determination of concentration; what to do when the technical exposure limit is exceeded; repair and conservation of equipment in contact with VCM; emergency situations; medical surveillance of workers exposed to VCM; warning signs; hygienic measures; personal protection; welfare and hygiene facilities; information of workers; keeping and consultation of records. In annex: conversion factors of exposure limits (defined in function of time, from 3ppm over a period of a year to 8ppm over 1h) to short-term technical exposure limits; guidance for the medical surveillance of workers exposed to VCM. Revoked effective on 24.4.2003.
In: Colectânea de Legislação - Segurança, higiene e saúde no trabalho - Instrumentos comunitários e legislação portuguesa, Serviço de Informação Científica e Técnica (SICT), Ministério do Emprego e da Segurança Social (MESS), Lisboa, Portugal, May 1992, p.LP 27-31.


CIS 94-1812 Decree-Law of 28 June (221/88) limiting the sale and use of certain dangerous substances - PCBs and PCTs [Portugal]
Decreto-Lei n°221/88: Limita a comercialização e a utilização de algumas substâncias perigosas... - Os bifenilospoliclorados e os terfenilospoliclorados [en portugués]
This Decree-Law limits the sale and utilization of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and terphenyls (PCTs), as well as those of preparations (including used oils) with PCB or PCT contents >0.005% (by weight). In principle, these substances are entirely prohibited, except in equipment already installed until they can be converted (or replaced) in such a way that the use of PCBs or PCTs is no longer necessary. Special provision is made for labelling, inventorying and elimination of waste in cases where these substances continue to be used.
Diário da República, 28 June 1988, Series I, No.147, p.2626-2628.