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CIS 73-536
(Ministère des transports, Ottawa)
Regulations respecting safe working practices for the protection of persons employed on ships (Safe working practices regulations)
Règlement concernant les mesures de sécurité au travail pour protéger les personnes employées à bord des navires (Règlement sur les mesures de sécurité au travail) [en francés]
Issued under the Canada Shipping Act, these regulations apply to and in respect of the employment of persons in any working area associated with any ship in Canada or any Canadian ship outside Canada. General safety rules are laid down in accordance with good industrial safety practices. Special provisions cover particular hazards associated with work on ships: lifting appliances and powered mobile equipment; holds, tanks, compartments, fire prevention and protection; hot work; scaffolding, stages, ladders, gangways; electrical; pressure vessels; personal protective equipment. General requirements and working practices and powers of inspectors are established.
Canada Gazette - Gazette du Canada, 23 Feb. 1972, Part II, Vol.106, No.4, p.232-244.