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  • Road transportation


CIS 88-1778 Agricultural tractors - Safety requirements [Finland]
This regulation specifies detailed requirements for manuals, cabs (access, seat, strength, dimensions), controls (location, layout, symbols), emergency exits, visibility, labelling, noise, vibration, lights, power-take-off, three point linkage, stability, hitch hook and design for safe maintenance. The mandatory inspection is done by VAKOLA (State Research Institute of Engineering in Agriculture and Forestry) according to the test programme (CIS 88-1777) approved by the National Board of Labour Protection.
National Board of Labour Protection, Box 536, 33101 Tampere, Finland, Aug. 1984. 16p. Illus. 17 ref.

CIS 88-1777 Agricultural tractors. Type inspection for safety. Test methods and requirements [Finland]
Maataloustraktoreiden koetusohjelma [en finlandés]
The test methods for the mandatory type approval according to the safety regulations for tractors (CIS 88-1778) are described. Testing of cab roof and safety frame strength, measurement of noise, vibration, heating device, defroster, visibility and strength of hitch hook is done by VAKOLA (State Research Institute of Engineering in Agriculture and Forestry). References to International Standards.
National Board of Labour Protection, Box 536, 33101 Tampere, Finland, Apr. 1984. 11p. Illus. 15 ref.


CIS 77-2044 Emergency exits in drivers' cabs of vehicles and earthmoving equipment
Liikkuvien työkoneiden ohjaamoiden poistumistiet [en finlandés]
Utrymningsvägar från rörliga arbetsmaskiners styrhytter [en sueco]
Drivers' cabs of tractors, excavators and other vehicles operated on ice or marshy land (peat bogs, etc.) must have an emergency trapdoor in the roof and at least 2 side exits. All these exits must have an opening of at least 550x650m and must be easy to open in case the vehicle founders or is sucked down.
Kiertokirje 5/77, National Board of Occupational Safety and Health (Työsuojeluhallitus), Tampere, Finland, 2 May 1977. 2p.


CIS 77-1414 Tractors
Traktorer [en sueco]
Contents of these directives (entry into force: 1 Jan. 1977): compliance tests; instructions for use; access to driver's cab; layout and arrangement of cab; driver's seat; layout of controls; mudguards preventing contact with rear wheels; protective cab or frame; guarding devices; evacuation of exhaust; protection against noise and vibration; lights; rearview mirror; guarding of power take-off shaft; brakes; hydraulic lift trailer coupling; counterweight forward to prevent rearing; coupling bar. Appendices: text of regulations concerning power take off and responsibilities of manufacturers, suppliers, employers and workers; references to Finnish legislation.
Säkerhetsföreskrifter och -anvisningar 14, National Board of Labour Protection (Arbetarskyddsstyrelsen) Tammerfors, Finland, 1976. 19p.

CIS 77-975 Noise in drivers' cabs of motor vehicles
Autojen ohjaamomelu [en finlandés]
Bullret i bilarnas styrhytter [en sueco]
According to Finnish legislation the noise to which professional motor vehicle drivers may be exposed must not exceed 85dB(A). This circular contains instructions for measuring noise levels in drivers' cabs (measurement conditions, location of microphone, road tests, gears used in acceleration tests, evaluation of measurement results). Measures to be taken if 85dB(A) is exceeded: repair of noisy mechanisms, soundproofing of cab, limitation of exposure according to noise level. Appendices: model test report; letter from the Finnish Ministry of Transport concerning authorisation of wearing of hearing protection by drivers of noisy vehicles.
Kiertokirje 4/76, Directorate of Labour Protection (Työsuojeluhallitus), Tampere, Finland, 1 Apr. 1976. 9p.

CIS 76-2034 Safety directives for rotary snow clearing machines
Säkerhetsanvisningar för snöslungor [en sueco]
These directives (entry into force: 1 Jan. 1976) contain introductory provisions concerning the respective obligations of manufacturer, supplier, employer and workers as regards safety; declaration, registration and licence to operate for each new snow clearing machine; compliance tests; technical specifications (guarding of rotating parts, safe distances, tools for unclogging blades, noise level <85dB(A), guard on power take-off, etc.). All rotary snow clearing machines should be equipped with a name plate. Minimum age for drivers: 18 years. Annexes: text of safety rules which must be brought to the notice of every driver; form of declaration for snow clearing machines; reference to relevant Finnish legislation.
Säkerhetsföreskrifter 32, Directorate of Labour Protection (Arbetarskyddsstyrelsen), Hämeenkatu 13b, 33101 Tampere, Finland, 1976. 12p.