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  • Cleaning work


CIS 76-1913 Use of petrol as a solvent or detergent
Moottoribensiinin käyttö liuotin- ja puhdistusaineena [en finlandés]
Användning av motorbensin som lösnings- och rengöringsmedel [en sueco]
This circular, addressed to all agencies of the Finnish Labour Inspectorate, draws attention to the hazards involved in using petroleum motor spirit as a solvent or cleaning agents. Petrol contains benzene (4-7%) which is haematotoxic and leukaemogenic, and neurotoxic organic lead compounds (0.1-0.7Pb/L). These substances may be inhaled or absorbed cutaneously. The circular requests the agencies concerned to prohibit the use of petrol for the above purposes, replacing it by less harmful solvents. CIS has only the Swedish-language version.
Kiertokirje 7/76, Directorate of Labour Protection (Työsuojeluhallitus), Hämeenkatu 13b, 33101 Tampere, Finland, 11 May 1976. 1p.