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CIS 91-359 Presidential Decree (D.P.R) No.128 of 9 Apr. 1959 providing health and safety standards for mines and quarries [Italy]
D.P.R. 9 apr. 1959, n.128, recante norme di polizia delle miniere e delle cave [en italiano]
Contents of this decree, which applies to all aspects of mines and mining, with the exception of work completely outside the scope of mineral production and work in most sand and gravel pits: obligations of owners, managers, supervisors and workers; safety and health delegates and committees; safety service of the enterprise; notification of mining exploration and exploitation and of mining accidents; work plans and programmes; work discipline; mining and exploration by drilling and boring; open-air and underground excavations; transport and internal circulation of personnel; ventilation; lighting; use of explosives; electrical equipment; fire-damp and other toxic or otherwise harmful gases; flammable dusts; underground fires; flooding; respirable dust harmful to health; radioactive minerals; medical supervision; medical services provided by the enterprises; rescue and first-aid services; welfare facilities; penalties and administrative provisions.
In: L.R. Levi Sandri: Codice del lavoro, Milano: Giuffrè, Italy, 3rd ed., 1974, p.941-1071. Also in: Gazzetta ufficiale, 11 Apr. 1959, No.87.


CIS 92-1067 Mines Act 1958 [Australia - Victoria]
Consolidated version of the Act assented to on 30 Sep. 1958 (commenced on 1 Apr. 1959), as amended to 1988. Contents: interpretation, restrictions on employment of minors; restrictions of working hours; giving of notice before the sinking of bores; powers of inspectors; penalties for not using safety appliances; issuing of general safety regulations; mine manager's qualifications; permits for engine operators and boiler attendants; obligation to keep mine plans; inspection of mines and machinery; action to be taken after mining accidents.
In: Australian Industrial Safety, Health and Welfare, CCH Australia Ltd., CNR Talavera & Khartoum Roads, Box 230, North Ryde, NSW 2113, Australia, Vol.2, 20p. (pages numbered 63,941 - 64,012).


CIS 91-15
European Coal and Steel Community - Council of Ministers
Decision concerning the terms of reference and rules of procedure of the Mines Safety Commission [CEC]
Décision concernant le mandat et le règlement intérieur de l'Organe permanent pour la sécurité dans les mines de houille [CCE] [en francés]
The terms of reference of this Commission are defined. The rules of procedure apply to: the chairmanship of the Commission; its composition, the participation of the International Labour Organisation, the participation of the United Kingdom, its organisation, working parties, secretarial services and operation.
In: Social Europe, 1990, No.2, p.99-101.


CIS 89-1407 Mines and Quarries Act, 1954 [United Kingdom]
Law making provisions for the management and control of mines and quarries; for the securing of safety, health and welfare of persons employed in them; for the regulation of employment in them of women and young persons; and for the fencing of abandoned and disused mines and quarries.
HMSO Books, P.O. Box 276, London SW8 5DT, United Kingdom, 1983 (orig. published: 1954). 133p. Price: GBP 7.65.


CIS 92-1058 Ordinance on the means of preventing accidents in open-air work involving the extraction and processing of rocks, minerals, gravel, sand, clay, peat and similar materials (of 6 May 1952) [Switzerland]
Verordnung vom 6. Mai 1952 über die Verhütung von Unfällen bei der Gewinnung und Aufbereitung von Gestein, Mineralien, Kies, Sand, Lehm, Torf und ähnlichen Materialien über Tag [en alemán]
Ordinanza del 6 maggio 1952 concernente le misure da prendere per prevenire gli infortuni nei lavori all'aperto per l'estrazione e la preparazione di pietre, minerali, ghiaia, sabbia, argilla, torba e materiali del genere [en italiano]
Ordonnance concernant les moyens de prévenir les accidents dans les travaux à ciel ouvert d'extraction et de préparation de roches, de minéraux, de gravier, de sable, d'argile, de tourbe et de matériaux analogues (du 6 mai 1952) [Suisse] [en francés]
This Ordinance (effective 15 May 1952) prescribes minimum safety rules for work in open-air mines and quarries, in particular relating to moving equipment, ladders, undermining during extraction work, use of explosives, and storage buildings.
SUVA, Sektion Administration, Postfach 4358, 6002 Luzern, Switzerland, 1952. 8p.


CIS 12-0041 Model code of safety regulations for underground work in coal mines
Règlement type de sécurité pour les travaux souterrains dans les mines de charbon [en francés]
Contents of this model code of safety regulations for underground work in coal mines: general; means of access and egress; plans; explosives; shotfiring; supports; haulage of material; travel and transportation of workers on roads and inclines; winding of men and material; ventilation; precautions against firedamp; precautions against coal dust; precautions against inrushes of water; prevention and extinction of mine fires; shaft sinking or deepening; electricity; machinery and plant; qualifications and duties of managing officials, supervisory officials and miners; notification, investigation and recording of accidents and dangerous occurrences; first aid and rescue; general inspections by managers and supervisory officials; safety organization; miscellaneous.
ILO Publications, International Labour Office, 1211 Genève 22, Switzerland, 1949. 102p.
underground_work_in_coal_mines:_ILO_LABORDOC_[INTRANET_ACCESS] [en inglés]


CIS 92-1415 Mines Regulation Act 1946 [Australia - Western Australia]
This law (made in 1946, effective 24 Jan. 1947, amendments to 1987) relates to the inspection and regulation of mines and mining practices. Safety and health-related aspects: definitions; machinery safety; occupational health (medical officers, medically unsuitable persons); establishment and functions of a Ventilation Board and a Mines Radiation Safety Board; functions and certification of mine managers; accident notices; working hours; qualifications of engine drivers and machinery operators; responsibilities of workers; protection of abandoned shafts. Regulations issued under this Act are abstracted under CIS 73-1074.
In: Australian Industrial Safety, Health and Welfare, CCH Australia Ltd., CNR Talavera & Khartoum Roads, Box 230, North Ryde, NSW 2113, Australia, Vol.3, 16p. (pages numbered 78,401 - 78,426; OSH-related parts only).


CIS 05-127 Industria mundial del carbón. Volumen I: Aspectos económicos. Volumen II: Aspectos sociales
L'industrie charbonnière dans le monde. Volume I: Questions économiques. Volume II: Questions sociales [en francés]
Informe redactado para servir de marco de discusión durante la Reunión técnica tripartita sobre la industria del carbón celebrada en Ginebra en mayo de 1938. El Volumen I está dedicado a los aspectos económicos (producción, consumo, capacidad, comercio, competición, precios), mientras que el Volumen II está dedicado a los aspectos sociales (plantilla, salario y pagas, empleo y desempleo, seguridad social, jornada laboral, vacaciones); el capítulo sobre seguridad social incluye secciones sobre la compensación de accidentes y enfermedades de trabajo.
ILO Publications, International Labour Office, 1211 Genève 22, Switzerland, 1938. viii, 299p. Illus. Index. Price: CHF 8.00 (Vol. I); 1938. viii, 400p. Index. Price: CHF 8.00 (Vol. II).


CIS 93-13 Mines Act, 1923 [Pakistan]
This Act, originally adopted by the Government of (British) India in 1923, consolidates and amends the law relating to the regulation and inspection of mines. All valid amendments to 1981 are included. Contents include: role of the Chief Inspector of Mines and of Inspectors; operation and management of mines; provisions as to health and safety (powers of Inspectors in the case of dangers arising to mine workers; accident reports; notice of occupational accidents; accident investigation); working hours; employment of women (prohibited in underground work) and children (absolutely prohibited to work in mines); restrictions of work for young persons; leaves and holidays; scope of Regulations that can be issued under the Act.
In: Labour Code of Pakistan (Shafi M.), Bureau of Labour Publications, Zam Zam Chambers, Dunolly Road, P.O. Box 5833, Karachi 2, Pakistan, 11th ed., 1986, p.687-722.


CIS 94-7 Mines and Works Inspection Act 1920 [Australia - South Australia]
This Act (No.1444 or 1920) received assent on 9 Dec. 1920, commenced 20 Jan. 1921, and was gazetted on 20 Jan. 1921 (p.106). Here it is reproduced with amendments up to 24 Dec. 1986. It covers: interpretation; application (all mines in South Australia); inspectors and inspection; miners' inspectors; prohibition of employment of minors; issuing of regulations; penalties. In schedules: subject matter for regulations to be issued.
In: Australian Industrial Safety, Health and Welfare, CCH Australia Ltd., CNR Talavera & Khartoum Roads, Box 230, North Ryde, NSW 2113, Australia, Vol.3, 11p. (pages numbered 73,321 - 73,363).


CIS 92-1066 Mines Inspection Act 1901 [Australia - New South Wales]
This text is a consolidation of the original law (assented to on 28 Dec. 1901, commenced 1 Feb. 1902), as amended to 1989. It covers: appointment of a manager for every mine; delegation of functions by the manager; certification of managers; certification of persons operating mine machinery; investigation of incompetence and negligence on the part of managers and machinery operators; appointment and duties of mine inspectors; danger notices, orders and reports to be submitted by inspectors; plans for mine workings; keeping of statistics; drillholes; accident reports; notices for the opening and abandonment of mines; boilers; drainage; tourist and educational activities; regulations, special rules for certain mines, prosecutions and fines.
In: Australian Industrial Safety, Health and Welfare, CCH Australia Ltd., CNR Talavera & Khartoum Roads, Box 230, North Ryde, NSW 2113, Australia, Vol.2, 27p. (pages numbered 58,821 - 58,941).

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