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  • País / Organización: Finlandia
  • Hand and portable tools


CIS 78-627 Built-in power cut-off device on the starting control of portable grinders
Käsihiomakoneiden käyttökytkin [en finlandés]
Handslipmaskiners startanordning [en sueco]
This circular requires all portable grinders (electric or pneumatic) to be equipped with a built-in power cut-off device incorporated in the starting control, which automatically stops the machine as soon as the operator's grip on the handle is released. CIS has only the Swedish-language version.
Kiertokirje 8/77, National Board of Occupational Safety and Health (Työsuojeluhallitus), Tampere, Finland, 12 May 1977. 2p.


CIS 73-146 Decree of the Council of State concerning the application of the Act on safety in work with bolt guns and the testing of such tools
Statsrådets beslut angående tillämpning av lagen om skydd i arbete på bultpistoler och på besiktning av dem [en sueco]
This decree stipulates that use may be made of only those powder-actuated tools that have undergone type testing and have been certified. Before the manufacture, import or display for sale in Finland of this type of equipment, application for certification should be made to the Finnish Ministry of Social Affairs and Health so that the tool can be tested. This test is to be repeated within 12 months of first use or, under certain conditions, earlier. Equipment in use should be cleaned daily, lubricated regularly and kept with the cartridges under lock and key. Explosive powdered tools may be used only by persons over 18 years of age who have received adequate instruction and training. Head, eye and hearing protection should be worn when using these tools.
Suomen asetuskokoelma - Finlands författningssamling, 1972, No.189, p.519-520.