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CIS 84-947
Buller [en sueco]
A directive in the form of a compendium of Finnish laws, ordinances and standards on noise measurement, control and protection. Contents: relevant extracts from the Labour Protection Law of 1958 (299/58), Ordinance 730/74 on noise control in the workplace (CIS 75-1295), Ordinance 191/82 on protection against hearing loss due to noise (CIS 83-375), Standard SFS 4578:S on measurement of noise exposure, Circular 8/82 on protection against hearing loss due to noise, lists of titles of laws, ordinances and standards which include noise-related provisions. Duplicate of CIS 88-719.
Statens tryckericentral, PB 516, 00101 Helsingfors 10, Finland, 1983. 24p.

CIS 83-375 Order of the National Board of Occupational Safety and Health concerning the control of the risk of noise-induced hearing damage at work
Arbetarskyddsstyrelsens beslut angående bekämpning av risk för hörselskada förorsakad av buller i arbete [en sueco]
This Order (effective 1 Aug. 1982) applies to all workplaces and activities covered by the Order of the Finnish Council of Ministers on noise control 730/74 (CIS 75-1295). It lays down that noise exceeding a continuous equivalent A-weighted sound pressure level of 85dB is to be considered harmful to hearing. According to the last mentioned Order, engineering measures have to be taken to ensure that noise does not cause hearing damage. If this is not feasible in certain cases, or if the work to be performed, involving exposure to noise, is of short duration or exceptional, the workers should wear hearing protection of an approved type.
Suomen asetuskokoelma - Finlands författningssamling, 28 Jan. 1982, No.191, p.380.


CIS 77-975 Noise in drivers' cabs of motor vehicles
Autojen ohjaamomelu [en finlandés]
Bullret i bilarnas styrhytter [en sueco]
According to Finnish legislation the noise to which professional motor vehicle drivers may be exposed must not exceed 85dB(A). This circular contains instructions for measuring noise levels in drivers' cabs (measurement conditions, location of microphone, road tests, gears used in acceleration tests, evaluation of measurement results). Measures to be taken if 85dB(A) is exceeded: repair of noisy mechanisms, soundproofing of cab, limitation of exposure according to noise level. Appendices: model test report; letter from the Finnish Ministry of Transport concerning authorisation of wearing of hearing protection by drivers of noisy vehicles.
Kiertokirje 4/76, Directorate of Labour Protection (Työsuojeluhallitus), Tampere, Finland, 1 Apr. 1976. 9p.


CIS 75-1295 Order of the Council of State concerning noise control at the workplace
Statsrådets beslut om bekämpande av buller i arbete [en sueco]
Obligations for manufacturers, importers, fitters and retailers of machines and installations in respect of noise and vibration control measures. The employer has to provide workers with individual ear protectors when the noise level cannot be kept below 85dB(A) through collective control measures. Other provisions concern the posting of warning notices for noisy work rooms, noise level measurements, and medical examinations of exposed workers.
Suomen asetuskokoelma - Finlands författningssamling, 1974, No.730, p.1348-1349.