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Elevators, escalators and hoists - 2 entries found

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CIS 82-5 Council of State Decree on builders' lifts for personnel transport, and their inspection
Valtioneuvoston päätös henkilökuljetuksiin käyettävistä rakennushisseistä ja niiden tarkastuksesta [in Finnish]
Statsrådets beslut om byggnadslussar som användes vid persontransporter och om besiktning av dem [in Swedish]
This decree (entry into force: 1 Dec. 1981) applies to lifts with a guided cage for building sites, and to lifts for aerial pylons and similar uses. These lifts must be of a type approved by the labour inspectorate. Approval testing includes strength and stability calculations and tests of the fall arrester device, the speed governor and the brake. Detailed provisions for the precommissioning and periodic inspections. CIS has only the Swedish-language version.
Suomen asetuskokoelma - Finlands författningssamling, 17 Dec. 1980, No.982, p.2132-2133.


CIS 77-2052 Inspection of access ramps and elevating platforms on car ferries and roll-on-roll-off ships
Ajosiltojen ja nostolavojen (lavahissien) tarkastuksen autolautoilla ja Ro-Ro-aluksilla [in Finnish]
Besiktning av körramper och lyftbord (flakhissar) ombord på bilfärjor och Ro-Ro-fartyg [in Swedish]
This circular makes provision for mandatory annual inspections of access ramps and platforms on car ferries and roll-on-roll-off ships. This equipment must be designed to offer maximum safety and stability for vehicles using it, or being lifted or lowered by it. The circular specifies safety factors for all supporting elements (including wire ropes), maximum operational loads and testing loads.
Kiertokirje 4/77, National Board of Occupational Safety and Health (Työsuojeluhallitus), Tampere, Finland, 20 Apr. 1977. 2p.