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Construction industry and civil engineering - 8 entries found

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CIS 03-29 State Council Ordinance No.578 of 2003 on occupational safety in construction work with prefabricated elements [Finland]
Valtioneuvoston asetus elementtirakentamisen työturvallisuudesta [in Finnish]
Statsrådets förordning om arbetssäkerheten vid elementbyggande [in Swedish]
This Ordinance (entry into force: 1 Oct. 2003) contains 17 sections, dealing with: scope; definitions; planning of construction work; safety measures (provision of information on workplace hazards, training and guidance, protection against falls); special safety rules for construction work with prefabricated elements. Technical annex. The 1984 Safety regulations for construction with prefabricated elements (CIS 89-727) is repealed.
Finlands författningssamling - Suomen säädöskokoelma, 27 June 2003, No.94, p.2467-2475. [in Finnish]
03-0029sv.pdf [in Swedish]
03-0029fi.pdf [in Finnish] [in Swedish]


CIS 88-721 Suspended scaffolds [Finland]
Hängställningar [in Swedish]
This publication includes the safety directive on suspended scaffolds (construction, inspection, maintenance), government decree No.769/82 (see CIS 83-1143) concerning safe work on suspended scaffolds and inspection of this type of equipment, and Finnish Standard SFS 4569:Sv.
National Board of Labour Protection, Box 536, 33101 Tampere, Finland, 1986. 40p. Illus.


CIS 89-727 Safety regulations for construction with prefabricated elements [Finland]
Elementtirakentamisen turvallisuusmääräykset [in Finnish]
Säkerhetsföreskrifter för elementbyggande [in Swedish]
This regulation sets general requirements for the design of equipment for safe lifting of prefabricated elements, layout of the construction site, storage of elements, protection against falls from heights, design of walkways and assembly of the elements as well as specific requirements for lifting and storage equipment, manufacturing of elements and their assembly. Appended is the government decree concerning the regulation of construction work. CIS has only the Swedish-language version.
National Board of Labour Protection, Box 536, 33101 Tampere, Finland, 1984. 42p. Illus. Bibl.


CIS 89-1444 Mobile working machines - Safety [Finland]
Rörliga arbetsmaskiner - Arbetarskydd [in Swedish]
Liikkuvat työkoneet - Työturvallisuus [in Finnish]
This standard specifies the general safety requirements for earthmoving machines. Small machines and machines which have specific regulations are exempted. Requirements for operator's workplace, safety frame or cab, access and emergency exits, seat, visibility, controls, symbols, noise, vibration, ventilation and maintenance are included. There are 21 references to International Standards. CIS has only the English-language version.
Suomen Standardisoimisliitto, Bulevardi 5, 00120 Helsinki 12, Finland, Apr. 1983. 12p. Illus. 32 ref.


CIS 89-731 Suspended scaffolds [Finland]
Riipputelineet [in Finnish]
Hängställningar [in Swedish]
This standard specifies mandatory manuals for and marking of suspended scaffolds and it gives the design principles (material, criteria loads, safety factors), dimension requirements (platform, railing, wire ropes, lifting appliances, securing ropes) and requirements for anchoring. Specific requirements for special equipment are included. CIS has only the Swedish-language version.
Suomen Standardisoimisliitto, Bulevardi 5, 00120 Helsinki 12, Finland, Sep. 1982. 15p. Illus. 4 ref.


CIS 82-5 Council of State Decree on builders' lifts for personnel transport, and their inspection
Valtioneuvoston päätös henkilökuljetuksiin käyettävistä rakennushisseistä ja niiden tarkastuksesta [in Finnish]
Statsrådets beslut om byggnadslussar som användes vid persontransporter och om besiktning av dem [in Swedish]
This decree (entry into force: 1 Dec. 1981) applies to lifts with a guided cage for building sites, and to lifts for aerial pylons and similar uses. These lifts must be of a type approved by the labour inspectorate. Approval testing includes strength and stability calculations and tests of the fall arrester device, the speed governor and the brake. Detailed provisions for the precommissioning and periodic inspections. CIS has only the Swedish-language version.
Suomen asetuskokoelma - Finlands författningssamling, 17 Dec. 1980, No.982, p.2132-2133.


CIS 88-1780 Regulations for excavators and diggers [Finland]
An unofficial translation of the mandatory safety requirement standard SFS 4339 for excavators and backhoe loaders. It contains detailed requirements for cabs (dimensions, design seat), controls (location, order, mode of operation), brakes, stability, maximum permissible load, labelling, manuals and specific requirements for attachments.
National Board of Labour Protection, Box 536, 33101 Tampere, Finland, May 1980. 20p. Illus.


CIS 76-2022 Directives concerning workers' welfare facilities on building sites
Anvisningar för byggarbetsplatsers sociala utrymmen [in Swedish]
These directives (entry into force: 1 Jan. 1976) contain sections devoted to: relevant statutory provisions; employer's obligations; scope; definitions; classification of welfare facilities and list of worksites where they are mandatory; general rules concerning plans, dimensions, drinking water supply, layout, equipment, heating, ventilation, lighting and cleaning; design, layout, equipment and furnishing of canteens, cloakrooms, washrooms, rooms for drying clothes, and toilet facilities; special rules. Numerous examples, with plans, and a list of Finnish occupational safety and health laws and regulations are appended.
Säkerhetsföreskrifter och -anvisningar 30:1, Directorate of Labour Protection (Arbetarskyddsstyrelsen), Hämeenkatu 13b, 33101 Tampere, Finland, 1976. 30p. Illus.