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CIS 95-1562 Ordinance No.115/1993 (12 Aug.) of the government concerning the application of Law No.48 of 1993 concerning mining [Hungary]
A kormány 115/1993. (VIII.12.) Korm. rendelete a bányászatról szóló 1993. évi XLVIII. törvény végrehajtásáról [in Hungarian]
These Regulations were issued under the authority of Law. 48 of 1993 concerning mining (CIS 93-1411). Safety aspects covered include: obligation of the employer to provide instructions for the safe operation of equipment and the safe handling of materials; obligations to offer appropriate training to workers; installation of safety barriers and safety zones; mine plans; hazard evaluation (including radiation hazard assessment where relevant); action to be taken before a mine is closed down.
Magyar Közlöny, 12 Aug. 1993, No.111, p.6017-6028.

CIS 93-1411 Law No.48 of 1993 concerning mining, incorporating application ordinance No.203/1998 (19 Dec.) [Hungary]
1993. évi XLVIII. törvény a bányászatról, egységes szerkezetben a végrehajtásáról szóló 203/1998. (XII. 19.) Korm. rendelettel [in Hungarian]
This Law (adopted 20 Apr. 1993, effective 20 May 1993) concerns the regulation of mining activities, including research and production of geothermal energy, and the building and operation of oil and natural gas pipelines. Among its provisions: the granting of mining concessions; the establishment of safety zones around mining establishments; operation of mines according to safety regulations; notification of serious accidents and incidents to the competent authority; role of the Mining Inspectorate. The application ordinance repeals the previous application ordinance No.115/1993 (se CIS 95-1562).
Magyar Közlöny, 13 May 1993, No.61, p.3345-3357. [in Hungarian]


CIS 87-1179
Magyar Szabványügyi Hivatal
Laser device for use in mining - Concepts, technical requirements [Hungary]
Lézerberendezés bányászati alkalmazása - Fogalmak, műszaki követelmények [in Hungarian]
This standard (effective: 1 Feb. 1987) defines the terms used in laser safety, and prescribes the safety requirements in the use of laser instrumentation in mines.
Szabványbolt, Budapest, Pf. 162. 1431, Hungary, 1987. 4p. 8 ref. Price: For.16.00.