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CIS 06-753 Ordinance No.22/2005 (24 June) of the Minister of Health concerning the minimum occupational health and safety requirements of employees exposed to vibration [Hungary]
Az egészségügyi miniszter 22/2005. (VI. 24.) rendelete a rezgésexpozíciónak kitett munkavállalókra vonatkozó minimális egészségi és munkabiztonsági követelményekről [in Hungarian]
Regulation issued under the authority of Act No.93 of 1993 concerning occupational safety and health (CIS 04-5). It implements in Hungary the provisions of European Directive 2002/44/EC (CIS 02-24). Contents: definitions of hand-arm and whole-body vibration; exposure limits (hand-arm vibration: 5m/s2 for 8h daily exposure limit and 2.5m/s2 for 8h daily exposure action value; whole-body vibration: 1.15 and 0.5m/s2, respectively); obligations of employers (risk determination and assessment, provisions aimed at avoiding and reducing exposure, information and training of workers, worker consultation and participation); miscellaneous provisions (health surveillance, derogations).
Magyar Közlöny, 24 June 2005, No.85, p.4280-4284. [in Hungarian] [in Hungarian]


CIS 87-1169
Magyar Szabványügyi Hivatal
Permissible levels of whole-body vibration in the workplace [Hungary]
Az egész emberi testre ható munkahelyi rezgések megengedett értékei [in Hungarian]
This standard (effective: 1 Oct. 1983) apples to whole-body vibration in the frequency range of 0.8-80Hz. Workers in rail, water and air transportation are excluded from its application.
Szabványbolt, Budapest, Pf.162. 1431, Hungary, 1983. 13p. Illus. 5 ref. Price: For.26.00.


CIS 87-1168
Magyar Szabványügyi Hivatal
Methods of measuring vibration parameters of mechanised hand-tools [Hungary]
Motoros kéziszerszámok rezgésjellemzőinek mérési módszerei [in Hungarian]
This standard (effective: 1 July 1980) is based on COMECON standard SZT 716-77. It is concerned with the measurement of vibration levels at the point of contact with the hands of operators of power-driven hand-tools.
Szabványbolt, Budapest, Pf. 162. 1431, Hungary, 1980. 14p. Illus. 11 ref. Price: For.28.00.

CIS 87-1167
Magyar Szabványügyi Hivatal
Mechanised handtools: permissible vibration levels and thermal insulating coating [Hungary]
Motoros kéziszerszámok rezgésjellemzőinek megengedett értékei és hőszigetelö védőbevonata [in Hungarian]
This standard (effective: 1 July 1980) corresponds to COMECON standard SZT 715-77, as modified in 1979.
Szabványbolt, Budapest, Pf. 162. 1431, Hungary, 1980. 4p. 5 ref. Price: For.8.00.