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CIS 00-628 Regulation No.390 of 24 June 1998 on exposure limits to ionizing radiation [Yugoslavia]
Pravilnik o granicama izlaganja jonizujudjim zračenjima [in Serbian]
Topics: compliance with exposure limits; ionizing radiation; law; list of radioactive substances; radiation protection; threshold limit values; Yugoslavia.
Službeni List SFRJ, 3 July 1998, No.32, p.19-62.
00-628.pdf [in Serbian]


CIS 90-1781 Regulation on limits of exposure of the population and of workers to ionising radiation, on the evaluation of levels of exposure of workers to ionising radiation and on the surveillance of contamination in the workplace [Yugoslavia]
Pravilnik o granicama iznad kojih stanovništvo i osobe koje rade s izvorima ionizirajućih zračenja ne smiju biti izloženi ozračenju, o mjerenjima stupnja izloženosti ionizirajućim zračenjima osoba koje rade s izvorima tih zračenja i o provjeri kontaminacije radne okoline [in Serbocroatian]
Regulation implementing the provisions of the Law of 7 Nov. 1984 concerning protection against ionising radiation and nuclear safety. Contents: general provisions (including a classification of harmfulness according to the body organ affected); workers at risk of exposure; general population at risk of exposure; protective measures to be taken at the workplace. In the annex: methods for the evaluation of levels of exposure to ionising radiation (x-ray applications in medicine, medical applications of radionuclides, x-ray applications in industry, technology and automation in industry, enclosure of radioactive static eliminators and smoke detectors using ionising radiation).
Službeni List SFRJ, 19 May 1989, No.31, p.788-793.