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CIS 03-47 Federal Law No.1/2002 regarding the regulation and control of the use of radiation sources and protection against their hazards [United Arab Emirates]
Qānūn ittiḥādī raqm (1) li-sana 2002 fī ša'n tanṯīm wa raqāba istiẖdām al-maṣādir al-muši((a wa al-wiqāya min aẖṭāriha [in Arabic]
This Law covers all uses of ionizing radiation, including occupational, medical and environmental settings. Contents: definitions; establishment of Competent Directorate and of a Radiation Protection Committee (RPC), responsible for the regulation, inspection and control of the uses of radiation sources, the preparation of emergency plans to respond to radiation emergencies and the provision of technical advice; requirement of approvals and licenses for all operations involving ionizing radiation sources; obligations of licencees for the protection of workers and the general public against the hazards of ionizing radiation.
Al-Jarīda Al-Rasmīya Al-Imārāt al (Arabīyah al-Muttahidah, 2002, No.376, p.13-17. Internet versions: Arabic (7p.), English (4p.) [in Arabic]
03-0047ar.pdf [in Arabic]
03-0047en.pdf [in English] [in English]