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CIS 01-1301 Government Ordinance No.2/2001 of 17 Jan. 2001 concerning protection against major accidents involving dangerous substances [Hungary]
A Kormány 2/2001. (I.17.) Korm. rendelete a veszélyes anyagokkal kapcsolatos súlyos balesetek elleni védekezésről [in Hungarian]
Contents of this regulation, implementing certain provisions of Act No.LXXIV of 1999 concerning major hazards: definitions; scope (industrial plants where dangerous substances and preparations the quantity of which exceeds certain threshold values are present); scope of action of the bodies responsible for authorization and inspection in connection with the regulation; identification and evaluation of hazards in connection with dangerous activities and major accidents, as well as the safety system designed for their prevention; emergency plans, neighbourhood protection and information of the population.
Magyar Közlöny, 30 Jan. 2001, No.6, p.210-213. [in Hungarian]


CIS 08-252 Act LXXIV of 1999 on the management and organization of the prevention of disasters and the prevention of major accidents învolving dangerous substances [Hungary]
1999. évi LXXIV. törvény a katasztrófák elleni védekezés irányításáról, szervezetéről és a veszélyes anyagokkal kapcsolatos súlyos balesetek elleni védekezésről [in Hungarian]
Law on major hazards. Contents: general provisions; definitions; scope of the Act (exclusions: nuclear energy, transportation of dangerous substances (incl. by pipeline), temporary storage, mining establishments, waste storage, military establishments); role of the Government, of the National Coordinating Commission, of various Ministers and of county and local authorities; various organizations involved in major hazard control; financing provisions.
Internet document, 1999. Approx. 12p. [in Hungarian] [in English]