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CIS 73-541
Department of Labour, Canada
Regulations respecting the safe transportation, lifting, moving, positioning and storage of materials, goods, articles, persons or things in federal works, undertakings and business (Canada Materials Handling Regulations)
Règlement concernant la sécurité dans le transport, le levage, le déménagement, la mise en place et l'entreposage des matériaux, marchandises, articles, personnes ou choses dans les ouvrages, entreprises, affaires de compétence fédérale [in French]
These regulations under the Labour Code, Part IV (safety of EmSployees) specify that, when required by the safety officer, employers must ensure that maximum safe load of materials handling equipment, floors, docks or other structures is determined and reported by a qualified person. Equipment and structures must be: suitable and safe for their purpose; maintained in safe condition; in compliance with regulations. Equipment operators must be: physically fit; trained and instructed; families warith highway vehicle laws. Recognised standards are adopted where applicable. In addition to general rules, the 5-part regulations govern: design, construction, operation, use and maintenance of materials handling equipmentl; manual handling of materials and safe storage of materials.
Canada Gazette - Gazette du Canada, 9 Aug. 1972, Part II, Vol.16, No.15, p.1151-1171.