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ID (ISN) del documento60962
Número CIS 93-1544
ISSN - Título de la serie 0271-3586 - American Journal of Industrial Medicine
Año 1991
Número de serie
Autor(es) Ulfvarson U., Alexandersson R., Dahlqvist M., Ekholm U., Bergström B.
Título Pulmonary function in workers exposed to diesel exhausts: The effect of control measures
Información bibliográfica Mar. 1991, Vol.19, No.3, p.283-289. 8 ref.
Resumen To assess the protective effect of exhaust pipe filters or respirators on pulmonary function, 15 workers in a tunnel construction site were studied. The total and respirable dust, combustible matter in respirable dust, carbon monoxide, nitrogen monoxide and nitrogen dioxide were measured for each subject during entire work shifts. The effect of the exposure on the lung function variables was measured by dynamic spirometry, carbon monoxide single breath technique, and nitrogen single breath wash-out. The exhaust pipe filtering had a protective effect, directly discernible in the drivers on vital capacity and FEV1.0 and for the whole group on FEV% and transfer factor. The dust respirators had no effect, probably because of the difficulties in correctly using personal protection under the circumstances in the tunnel. In the absence of a true exposure assessment, control measures for diesel exhaust can be tested by medical effect studies. Catalytic particle filters of diesel exhausts are one method of rendering the emissions less irritant, although they will not remove irritant gases. An indicator of diesel exhaust exposure should include the particle fraction of the diesel exhausts, but a discrimination between different sources of organic dust must be possible.
Descriptores (primarios) filtración; motores diesel; dióxido de nitrógeno; óxido de carbono; óxidos de nitrógeno; toma de muestras y análisis; construcción de túneles y galerías; trabajos de construcción; función pulmonar; equipo de protección individual; gases de escape
Descriptores (secundarios) filtros contra partículas en suspensión; exposición; pruebas funcionales respiratorias
Tipo de documento D - Artículos periódicos
País / Estado o ProvinciaSuecia
Tema(s) Sustancias tóxicas y peligrosas
Broad subject area(s) Medicina del trabajo, epidemiología
Navegación por categoria(s) Personal protection
Carbon monoxide
Inorganic substances