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ID (ISN) del documento50157
Número CIS 88-1377
ISSN - Título de la serie 0003-6870 - Applied Ergonomics
Año 1987
Número de serie
Autor(es) Sauter S.L., Chapman L.J., Knutson S.J., Anderson H.A.
Título Case example of wrist trauma in keyboard use
Información bibliográfica Sep. 1987, Vol.18, No.3, p.183-186. 16 ref.
Resumen Evidence of injury to the pisiform and dorsal sensory branch of the ulnar nerve in a video display terminal operator is presented. The subject has performed data entry work via keyboard for 20 years and has the common habit of resting her wrist against the leading edge of the keyboard. Skin lesions have been observed in other keyboard operators who similarly support their limbs. The opportunity for this type of trauma has gone unreported (and apparently unrecognised) in the ergonomics literature, which generally advocates wrist support to reduce upper extremity fatigue and improve wrist-hand posture. This study indicates a need for further evaluation of the dynamics of wrist rest use and of the design of support systems such that forces acting upon the wrist or palm can be controlled.
Descriptores (primarios) pantallas de visualización; muneca; traumatología; mecanografía
Descriptores (secundarios) estudio de caso
Tipo de documento D - Artículos periódicos
Tema(s) Ergonomia, organización del trabajo
Broad subject area(s) Fisiología, ergonomía
Navegación por categoria(s) Visual display terminals (VDTs)
Office work