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ID (ISN) del documento43881
Número CIS 85-759
ISSN - Título de la serie 0007-1072 - British Journal of Industrial Medicine
Año 1984
Número de serie
Autor(es) Mutti A., Falzoi M., Lucertini S., Arfini G., Zignani M., Lombardi S., Franchini I.
Título n-Hexane metabolism in occupationally exposed workers
Información bibliográfica Nov. 1984, Vol.41, No.4, p.533-538. Illus. 16 ref.
Resumen This study was conducted on 10 workers in a shoe factory. The n-hexane concentrations in the workplace air ranged from 8-1143mg/m3 over 8h, with a median concentration of 243mg/m3. Alveolar retention of n-hexane was about 25%, corresponding to a lung uptake of 17%. Post-exposure alveolar excretion (monitored for 6h) was about 10% of the total uptake. The main metabolites of n-hexane were determined in urine samples collected before, at the end, and 15h after the work shift. Urinary concentrations were low, though related to original n-hexane concentrations in air. The best estimate of overall exposure was provided by end-of-shift concentrations of 2,5-hexanedione, 3mg/g creatinine of which would correspond to ab. 50ppm of n-hexane in air (mean daily exposure).
Descriptores (primarios) hexano; disolventes orgánicos; industria del calzado; tests de exposición; metabolitos urinarios
Descriptores (secundarios) metabolización; dosificación en la orina; depuración alveolar; hexanediona-2,5
Tipo de documento D - Artículos periódicos
Tema(s) Patología profesional
Broad subject area(s)
Navegación por categoria(s) Footwear, leather and fur industry
Biological monitoring
Aliphatic and alicyclic hydrocarbons