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Base de datos CISDOC

ID (ISN) del documento38720
Número CIS 82-1965
Año 1982
Número de serie
Autor(es) Michel-Laharie A.M.
Título Applications of vision tests in occupational medicine
Título original Intérêt des "visiotests" en médecine du travail [en francés]
Información bibliográfica Université de Paris VII, Faculté de Médecine Xavier-Bichat, Paris, France, 1982. 87p. 57 ref.
Resumen MD thesis. Considerations on: anatomy of the eye and physiology of vision; principal eye and vision disorders; study of working conditions of VDU operators; comparison between usual vision tests and recent developments in "visiotests" used in occupational medicine. "Visiotests" enable more accurate analysis of visual functions to be made than current methods. Information on the principle of "visiotests" and how they are conducted; analysis of results of clinical tests carried out over the last 2 years. Emphasis on the role of the company physician/oculist in screening for visual disorders (espacially VDU operators) and future possibililies of "visiotests".
Descriptores (primarios) trastornos de la función visual; tareas visuales; exámenes de la función visual; pantallas de visualización; ambliopía
Descriptores (secundarios) Francia; tesis; descripción del procedimiento; vigilancia médica; fisiología de la vista
Tipo de documento E - Libros, informes, actas
Tema(s) Patología profesional
Broad subject area(s)
Navegación por categoria(s) Diseases of the eye and vision damage
Office work
Visual display terminals (VDTs)