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Base de datos CISDOC

ID (ISN) del documento33164
Número CIS 80-324
Año 1978
Número de serie
Título Standard for safety: Emergency lighting equipment.
Información bibliográfica ANSI/UL 924-1978, Fifth edition, Underwriters Laboratories, 207 East Ohio Street, Chicago, Illinois 60611, USA, 16 and 19 Feb. 1979. 36p. Illus. Price: US$4.50. Revision pages supplement: 41p. Illus. Gratis.
Resumen This standard (adopted as American national standard ANSI/UL 924 on 16 Oct. 1978) issues requirements for battery-powered emergency lighting and power equipment for use in ordinary indoor locations, in accordance with the National Electrical Code (CIS 78-31). Such equipment is intended to automatically supply illumination and/or power to critical areas and equipment in the event of failure of the normal supply. Definitions are followed by sections devoted to: construction (frame and enclosure; corrosion protection; current-carrying parts; wiring; earthing; batteries; electronic circuits; capacitators; overcurrent protection); exit lights; performance (leakage current, current input temperature, overvoltage and undervoltage, voltage surge, dielectric withstand); ratings; markings; instruction manual; low-frequency and high-frequency inverters. The supplement (revision pages) indicates changes from, and additions to, previous editions.
Descriptores (primarios) Estados Unidos; iluminación de seguridad; suministro de electricidad de emergencia
Descriptores (secundarios) diseno de los circuitos electricos; corriente de fuga; equipos de iluminación eléctrica; norma; protección contra la sobretensión; marcado; acumuladores eléctricos
Tipo de documento F - Notas informativas, directrices prácticas, normas
Tema(s) Electricidad
Broad subject area(s)
Navegación por categoria(s) Lighting and colour