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ID (ISN) del documento32928
Número CIS 80-547
ISSN - Título de la serie 0099-0027 - Professional Safety
Año 1979
Número de serie
Autor(es) Komanski J., Barwick K.D., Scott L.R.
Título A behavioural approach to occupational safety: Pinpointing and reinforcing safe performance in a food manufacturing plant.
Información bibliográfica Oct. 1979, Vol.24, No.10, p.19-28. 53 ref.
Resumen Behaviour analysis was used to improve worker safety in the makeup and wrapping departments of a wholesale bakery. Desired safety practices were identified, permitting construction of codes suitable for observing workers' on-the-job performance over a 25-week period. The intervention consisted of an explanation and visual presentation of the desired behaviours, as well as frequent, low-cost reinforcement in the form of feedback. Employees in the 2 departments substantially improved their safety performance, from 70% and 78% to 96% and 99% respectively, after the staggered introduction of the programme. During the reversal phase, performance returned to baseline (71% and 72%). The intervention, particularly the frequent feedback, was effective in improving safety performance. Employees reacted favourably to the programme, which the company was able to maintain, with a continuing decline in the injury frequency rate. Behaviourally defining and positively reinforcing safe practices may be a viable approach to accident reduction.
Descriptores (primarios) panadería, galletería; programas de seguridad; investigación en materia de accidentes; psicología de la prevención de accidentes
Descriptores (secundarios) maquinas a rodillos para alimentacion; mezcla; comportamiento humano; información del personal; estudio del comportamiento; formación en prevención en la industria; envasado
Tipo de documento -
Tema(s) Alimentación, bebidas, tabaco
Broad subject area(s)
Navegación por categoria(s) Accident research
Psychological factors
Industria alimentaria
Safety programmes