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Base de datos CISDOC

ID (ISN) del documento32371
Número CIS 79-1904
ISBN(s) 90-201-1032-2
Año 1978
Número de serie
Autor(es) De Boer J.B., Fischer D.
Título Interior lighting.
Información bibliográfica Kluwer technische boeken, Brink 25, Postbus 23, Deventer, Netherlands, 1978. 336p. Illus. 81 ref. Price: Glds.119.25.
Resumen The first of the 4 parts into which this book is divided reviews the theoretical groundwork: lighting levels to be provided, luminance, glare, colour, air conditioning, and energy considerations. Part 2 surveys the lighting equipment available (lamps, luminaires) and takes a look at electrical installation and lighting maintenance. The results of research on lighting criteria (lighting level, luminance, glare, colour) are summarised in Part 3, and it is shown how these results have been incorporated into the various national lighting recommendations in Western Europe. An examination of the practical calculation and measurement techniques for lighting design follows. Part 4 gives advice and examples for the most important fields of application: industry, offices, shops, hotels, hospitals etc. Appended are a glossary of terms, a table of fundamental quantities, and conversion factors.
Descriptores (primarios) equipos de iluminación eléctrica; iluminación artificial; iluminación y color
Descriptores (secundarios) niveles de iluminación; Países Bajos; luminosidad; color de la luz; oficinas; locales y puestos de trabajo; deslumbramiento; aspectos económicos; estudio de la iluminación; acondicionamiento del aire; mantenimiento preventivo; medida de la iluminación; manuales
Tipo de documento E - Libros, informes, actas
Tema(s) Iluminación, color, visión
Broad subject area(s)
Navegación por categoria(s) Lighting and colour