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ID (ISN) del documento30071
Número CIS 78-1588
ISSN - Título de la serie 0016-9900 - Gigiena i sanitarija
Año 1978
Número de serie
Autor(es) Smorčkova N.N.
Título Lighting of young workers' workplaces at assembly lines for small precision parts
Título original Osveščenie rabočih mest podrostkov-sborščikov melkih detalej na konvejere [en ruso]
Información bibliográfica Feb. 1978, No.2, p.118-120. Illus. 6 ref.
Resumen Results of a survey of 52 assembly workers, aged 17-18, in the watchmaking industry. The parts to be assembled were so minute that these young workers often had to use a magnifying glass (up to 65% of the work shift) for these visual tasks. Mere visual examination of the parts to be assembled caused eye fatigue (particularly of the focussing muscles); this fatique was in relation to the length of time a magnifying glass had to be used. Laboratory tests on young watchmakers assembling watch parts showed that visual scrutiny of parts less than 0.15mm in diameter requires a lighting level of 4,000lx, and that the level should be increased to 5,000lx if a magnifying glass has to be used.
Descriptores (primarios) trabajo de precisión; tareas visuales; industria relojera; jóvenes; iluminación artificial
Descriptores (secundarios) niveles de iluminación; URSS; investigación de higiene del trabajo; fatiga visual; iluminación local; trabajo en cadena
Tipo de documento -
Tema(s) Iluminación, color, visión
Broad subject area(s)
Navegación por categoria(s) Lighting and colour