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Legislative texts on OSH
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The Factories Act (Chapter 514). The Factories (Amendment) Act, 1990

Jurisdiction Kenya
Year 1990
Published in English
Source The original act in: Laws of Kenya, Government Printer, Nairobi, Kenya, Chapter 514, rev. ed., 1972, 106p. The amendment in: Kenya Gazette Supplement No.31, Government Printer, Nairobi, Kenya, 18 May 1990, p.1-34.
Descriptors [Primary] Kenya, manufacturing industries, occupational safety and health
[Secondary] cellulose, dangerous occurrences, first aid, harbours, law, personal protective equipment, pressure vessels, schedule of occupational diseases, woodworking machines
Subject category General safety, health and conditions of work
Abstract The original Factories Act came into operation on 1 Sep. 1951, and was modified several times before its publication in the rev. ed. of 1972. Its provisions include: interpretation; registration of factories; general provisions for health, safety and welfare; special provisions (removal of dusts or fumes, meals in dangerous trades, protective clothing and appliances, eye protection, power to take samples); special applications and extensions (docks, wharves and quays; premises in which steam boilers are used); offences and penalties; orders issues under the Act (on, among others, woodworking machinery; examination of plants; first aid; cellulose solutions; docks). The amendments of 1990 extend the scope of application to places of work other than factories, provide a modified interpretation list, make various changes in the general provisions for health, safety and welfare, and insert schedules concerning: preparation of steam boilers for examinations; list of 8 types of dangerous occurrences; list of 40 types of prescribed occupational diseases.
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