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ASISTDOC - Bibliographic database

The Employment Intensive Investment Programme has developed a database (ASISTDOC) containing over 10,000 documents relating to labour-based technologies and local level planning, produced by the ILO as well as its partners. Copies of these documents can be downloaded from the database or requested in hard copies through the facility within the database. Search the bibliographic database by filling in any of the following criteria:

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Search tips

1. Multiple search terms: To achieve a more precise search you may enter more than one search term i.e. authors names in the author name field or terms or words in titles, keywords, subject areas, authors or abstracts field. Separate multiple terms with a space.

2. Wildcard searches: To expand your search you may use truncate search terms that begin in the same way and occur in various forms by truncating the word and surrounding the letters with asterisks for example *contract* - will retrieve entries starting with the words contract, contracting; contractor; contracts.

3. After carrying out a search you have the following options:
  • Viewing the full details of a particular record by clicking view details.
  • Narrowing your hit list by clicking on narrow search this enables you to apply further search criteria to the previous search's hit list.
  • Selecting records you are interested in ordering or maintaining on your hit list by checking the check box of the titles you are interested in;
  • Refreshing the hit list after selecting the items you wish to remain with by clicking on refresh hit list.
  • Continuing your search by clicking continue search which allows you to go back start a new search but maintains your selection; which you can add to by selecting items from subsequent search hit lists.
  • Placing an order for records you have selected by clicking on Place order after checking those you wish to order.
  • Starting a fresh search which will clear previously selected items from previous hit lists and enable you to start a fresh, by clicking on new search.

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