The ILO Brief - Framework for Industrial Safety in Bangladesh: Institutional Issues

The Framework for Industrial Safety (IS) in Bangladesh presents a number of safety initiatives, including those undertaken by key institutions, benchmark conditions to be applied across all sectors, monitoring and enforcement mechanisms and a way forward.

Industrial safety in Bangladesh is very much in a nascent stage. A comprehensive framework covering all the safety-related issues across different sectors, economic activities and commercial establishments - with a reference to emergencies such as COVID-19 - needs to be developed. The framework should outline the roles and responsibilities of constituents and other stakeholders to address future emergencies. A credible and accountable industrial safety governance structure requires a number of capable institutions, trustworthy information, sound key business processes, policies and procedures, formation of an integrated and coordinated system, compliance protocols, effective inspections, validation of licenses, independent quality assurance mechanisms and long-term government commitment towards financial and human resources. The IS Framework highlights the need for an Industrial Safety Unit (ISU) to monitor the overall OSH situation and enforce legal provisions. The National Tripartite Committee (NTC) would be in charge of overall coordination, with scores of subcommittees to supervise Safety Unit wings of different sectors.