Situation Analysis of Bangladesh TVET Sector: A background work for a TVET SWAp

This study is the stepping-stone to initiate a Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Sector Wide Approach (SWAp) for the good governance of the skills sector. This comprehensive situation analysis on TVET in Bangladesh has identified the policy optionas and strategies including a prioritized TVET sub-sector development plan and building avenues and structures for a SWAp in the TVET sub-sector.

National Skills Development Policy 2011 pronouncements, both GOB and the Development Partners (DPs) recognised the need for a sector wide approach (SWAp) in ensuring coordinated efforts and resource investments for the skills and TVET sector development in Bangladesh. The country has already gained considerable experience in implementing SWAp programs in the primary education, and in the health sector. A SWAp approach has also been taken for the secondary education sector.
The Skills-21 project of EU, ILO and GOB commissioned an initial study in 2018 on SWAp for Skills and TVET. Consequently, the Secretary, TMED/Technical and Madrasah Education Division agreed to start with a TVET SWAp to be led by the TMED. This was further followed through a Government Order that established a high level TVET SWAp Committee, chaired by the Secretary, TMED, and a SWAp Task Force to be chaired by the EU and supported by ILO. During the Taskforce meetings, major DPs like the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) have also expressed their interest and commitment for the TVET SWAp. This study is the follow-up to the initial study conducted in 2018 by ILO and endorsed by the TMED, Ministry of Education.