Predeparture training module of employment opportunities in Japan: as the destination country; and caregiving and beautician: as the selected occupation

This module has been developed jointly by UN Women Bangladesh and International Labour Organization (ILO), with financial support from the Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC). The main objective of the module is to train the migrant workers through the Technical Training Centres (TTCs) running under the Bureau of Manpower and Employment Training (BMET).

To support the Government in delivering an effective pre-departure training program for the women migrating as Care-givers, UN Women Bangladesh took the initiative in the formulation of this training module. It has been signed keeping in the migration cycle: the basic information and guidance on migration, the pre-departure preparedness, occupation-related (Care-giver) and country-specific (Japan) instructions and guidelines on rights and life skills. The technical issues related to care-giver occupation were not considered in this module, as this module is relevant only for trainees who have already received the relevant technical and language training on Japan. Integrating this module into the pre-departure training, will make it an effective tool to capture and sustain this new labour market for the women migrant workers from Bangladesh.