Towards an effective and integrated labour market information system for Bangladesh

The report presents an analysis of global migration trends with the prospects of Bangladeshi migrant workers in the evolving foreign labour markets while recognizing major challenges for their effective and beneficial participation in them. In addition to that, the publication proposes a comprehensive framework for an integrated and appropriate LMIS for Bangladesh outlining a possible implementation strategy.

The research is timely as Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS) aims to further develop the LMIS web-portal as a platform to bring labour market information from diverse sources and the study will further strengthen the LMIS. The study proposes an operational modality and an implementation strategy for a possible Integrated Labour Market Information System (ILMIS) in Bangladesh. ILMIS will integrate the overseas labour market within the traditional LMIS capturing the emerging trends in the domestic labour market to illustrate the significance of overseas employment for Bangladesh.