Centre of Excellence Agro Food Skills Foundation (CEAFS) organized a workshop on WPL in Dhaka

In this workshop presentations by experts covered the following areas: global practices of WPL and linkage between TVET & Enterprises; experiences of WPL in export-oriented industry; a Japanese productivity tool – KAIZEN; and importance of WPL.

"The TVET & Skills Data Proposal has been prepared by the National Institute of Labour Studies (NILS) from Flinders University in Australia with support from data specialists from ILO Geneva. It is the result of extensive work with local stakeholders to develop a new model for the collection, management and analysis of data on the supply and demand for skills. The report proposes key data sets that should be collected and proposes a model of analysis to assist decision making by government and industry. The proposal has been submitted to the government and will assist with establishment of a national data cell within the NSDC Secretariat".