TVET awareness campaign materials

ILO's EU funded Skills 21 project supported the Directorate of Technical Education (DTE) to develop a campaign strategy for the TVET institutes and implement the campaign. The range of communication materials have been used during the implementation of the campaign.

News | 30 November 2021
The campaign mnemonic has been developed focusing the importance of technical skills for prosperity.
TVET awareness campaign mnemonic© ILO
Three types of campaign posters were placed in Sylhet, Gaibandha and Kaptai. The posters were designed with different messages for youth, parents and employer's. Altogether 29,970 posters have been distributed and reached 468,050 audiences in the adjacent areas.
Poster for youth © ILO
Poster for parents© ILO
Poster for employers© ILO
30,000 TVET institute specific campaign leaflets have been developed and distributed in Sylhet, Gaibandha and Kaptai.Altogether 25,420 leaflets have been distributed in campaign areas.
TVET institute specific campaign leaflet© ILO