Photo gallery

  1. January 2006

    Julia Ivanova, head of the trade union of the miners of Lovozero. Photographic mission to Russian Federation, 22-29 September 2006.

  2. January 2005

    Hundreds of families with young children work and live in these brickyards near Islamabad - often under conditions of bonded labour.

  3. January 2003

    Some forced labourers think that the situation is not that bad; as they say, at least they have a daily meal. Thanks to the joint efforts by the ILO Declaration project to combat forced labour and the Brazilian government, awareness is being raised as an important means of prevention. Piaui, Brazil.

  4. January 2003

    Children in the village of Iskita, Tahoua region, have been dispatched to work in agriculture by the local religious leader (marabout) on a regular basis. Such cases suggest there is a need for some form of regulation to indicate what forms of income-generating activities are regarded as acceptable in each national context.

  5. January 2003

    Ten-year old Mohamed is a slave. Like the rest of his family he works on the land of his master Idrissa. Tajae nomads in the Tahoua region, Niger.