Combating inequalities and discrimination in the world of work

“Combating Inequalities and Discrimination in the World of Work” was financed by the Government of Norway and implemented from 2006 to 2009. The programme had two main objectives: 1) to promote equal opportunities at the workplace and within trade unions and employers’ organization, with an emphasis on racial/ethnic discrimination, including against migrant workers, and 2) to reduce the earnings gap between men and women and racial/ethnic groups.

The activities held under the first objective focused on research, capacity building, building networks, and the development of tools. For this purpose, the project organized various workshops which provided participants with information and tools with which to promote equality at work and specifically to combat racial discrimination at the workplace. The project also financed the following trade union initiatives to combat racial discrimination and xenophobia within their own organizations:
The activities undertaken under the second objective also focused on capacity building, publication of tools, and technical advisory services. Several training activities were organized with the aim of promoting the concepts, instruments and tools available to enforce equal pay at the workplace.
To complement training activities, and to provide constituents with a practical and concrete tool to implement a pay equity programme, the project financed the publication of a step-by-step guide on equal remuneration, entitled “Promoting Equity Gender-neutral job evaluation for equal pay: a step-by-step guide” (hyperlink). The guide has been translated into French, Spanish, Ukrainian, Portuguese, Arabic and Chinese.