Framework for Sri Lanka’s health workers’ mobility adopting fair and ethical recruitment practices

The objective of this study sought to understand the key dynamics in overseas Migration of health workers in the context of Sri Lanka and the professional concerns underpin in the decision -making process of migrant health workers. Consist of interviews, Focus Group Discussion and interviews, the research study sought to answer following under-studies areas of migration studies in Sri Lanka.

How does recruitment of health workers occur in the context of Sri Lanka?

What personal and professional concerns underpin the decision-making process of migrant health workers? Using the ILO’s General Principles and Operational Guidelines on Fair Recruitment (2019) as well as the decent work indicators and WHO’s Global Code of Practice (2010).

We trust this study will be the interests of all stakeholders who are engaged in the sphere of migration and encourage interested stakeholders to conduct further research where there are gaps and contribute to the generation of new knowledge.