National Labour Migration Policy for Sri Lanka (in Sinhala)

The policy articulates the State’s commitment to ensuring a labour migration process that adheres to principles of good governance and rights and responsibilities enshrined in international instruments to advance opportunities for all men and women to engage in migration for decent and productive employment in conditions of freedom, dignity, security and equity.

This new policy is closely associated with the overall development strategy for the country - The Mahinda Chintana - the country’s Ten Year Development Plan as well as the National Policy for Decent Work, which both emphasize safe and skilled migration as the main strategy for labour migration. It is intended to do so through the institutionalization of policies, laws, regulations, services and facilities for migrant workers and their families. Special emphasis is put on the development of skills as a an effective means of protection for migrant workers and their families.

The policy is structured in three sections; namely, governance of the migration process, protection and empowerment of migrant workers and their families, and linking migration and development processes.The National Policy sets forth the Government's policy commitments and elaborates on challenges and policy responses identified by all stakeholders in the consultative process. The policy is developed through an extensive consultative process among all concerned stakeholders - relevant government ministries and agencies, employers' and workers' organizations, migrant associations, civil society and concerned international agencies. The Policy further contains a detailed work plan outlining action addressing important policy issues that have emerged.