Social protection

Improving Synergies between Social Protection and Public Finance Management

This project aims to support the Government of Sri Lanka in extending social protection coverage to workers, both men and women, in the tourism sector.

Target beneficiaries

Tourism sector formal and informal workers

Specific project objectives

  • Adequate income security/social protection provided to workers in tourism sector to mitigate the socio-economic impact of COVID-19 in Sri Lanka
  • Engaging in national dialogue and building capacity for developing a strategy and proposing innovative mechanisms to extend social protection coverage, among small and medium businesses  and self-employed of the tourism sector

Expected results

  • Supporting the design and implementation of social protection crisis intervention measures (including the recovery phase) for workers in the tourism sector; and adaptation of existing programmes to respond to the COVID-19 crisis in a timely manner
  • Undertaking costings of recommended approaches to develop new social protection responses or adapt or scale-up existing social protection systems
  • Supporting the assessment of the institutional capacities to quickly deploy extended or new social protection measures, including benefits delivery mechanisms
  •  Strengthening systems to integrate and coordinate social protection and complementary service delivery, such as cash plus (including employment and business development services)
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