Project on Promotion of Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work in Sri Lanka -Phase III

The Project will contribute to improving labour-relations in Sri Lanka.


Ministry of Labour and Labour Relations, Department of Labour (DOL), Board of Investment in Sri Lanka (BOI), EFC, Sri Lanka Apparel Exporters’ Association (SLAEA), Trade Unions, Association for Dialogue and Conflict Resolution (ADCOR), National Institute for Labour Studies (NILS); Ministry of Justice (MOJ).

Target Beneficiaries:

Ministry of Labour, Dept. of Labour; Employers & their organizations, BOI officials.

Regional Focus:

EPZ’s in Western and Southern Provinces


  • To align domestic legislation with ratified international labour standards where gaps exist including rights education & raising legal awareness of social partners.
  • To improve workplace cooperation for better IR.
  • To improve labour market governance

Main Activities:

  • Amendment of labour laws to be more compliant with international labour standards
  • General labour rights awareness programme targeting over 4,000 workers in the EPZ’s.
  • Trade union outreach and leadership development programmes.
  • Training on international labour laws for labour tribunal judges
  • Conduct of workplace cooperation programmes at the enterprise level
  • Conduct of productivity training programmes at the enterprise level.
  • Development of a human resources network for promoting best practices in HRD
  • Supervisory management and occupational safety and health trainings at enterprise level
  • Computerization and training of labor officers on labour inspection.
  • Setting up for a Medication and Conciliation Unit within the DOL to promote a facilitation rather than adversarial role on labour inspection and related issues.

Project Outcomes:

  • Legal framework for labour law more in conformity with international labour standards.
  • Workers’ and employers’ organizations with improved capacities to: engage in sound workplace cooperation and labour-management relations, participate in social dialogue; improve working conditions and enhance productivity.
  • Institutions and processes for labour-management relations, including those at the enterprise level, strengthened.
  • Strengthen labour administration for its effective intervention to promote sound labour relations, prevent and solve disputes and ensure compliance with labour regulations