Support to Implement Youth Employment Policies and Coordinating for Youth Employment in Sri Lanka


Ministry of Labour, Ministry of Youth, Ministry of Higher Education, Ministry of Skills and Vocational Training, Ministry of Education, Employers Federation of Ceylon, Leading Trade Unions. 

Target beneficiaries

Ultimate beneficiaries will be Sri Lankan youth benefiting from upgraded services and increased employment and training opportunities. The direct beneficiaries of the project will be both youth benefiting from an increased number of training and job attachment opportunities and institutional partners who will be able to deliver a broader range of services and to design and implement a coherent and structured set of interventions within the framework of a new National Youth Employment Action Plan.

Regional focus

National level 


To contribute to the promotion of more and better jobs for young people in Sri Lanka 

Project outcomes

The youth employment priorities of the National Human Resources and Employment Policy (NHREP) and Youth Policy are implemented with the social partners.

Partnerships are established for the implementation of interventions to improve both quantity and quality of employment of disadvantaged youth in key sectors and occupations identified by the national human resources and employment policy. 

Main activities

Establish an inter-ministerial Committee fully operational in charge of developing and approving a new youth employment action plan. The Plan to consolidate and render operational a number of existing policy documents.

ILO and selected UN agencies to develop a concept note and a fully-fledged project proposal responding to youth employment issues and most pressing needs as highlighted in the new action plan.

Capacitate labour market institutions and social partners to design employment and career guidance interventions targeting disadvantaged youth.

Capacitate and operationalize public employment services (PES) within the Ministry of Labour.

Test framework for youth employment public-private partnerships on internships and job fairs.

Test framework for youth employment public-private partnerships with on the job training in construction.

Develop new tools promoting knowledge on youth labour rights and existing support to young entrepreneurs.