National Work-Plan for Trade Unions in Sri Lanka

Building a common platform and strengthening the collective voice of trade unions through joint actions in 2020

The overall purpose of the workshop is to build a joint platform of trade unions for collective actions and ensure proper representation in different forums with a common position.

With this overall purpose, the workshop is designed to achieve the following specific objectives:

i. Develop an understanding of the ‘ILO Centenary Declaration for The Future of Work’; identify the challenges and opportunities for the Trade Unions in the context of Sri Lanka; and determine the role of trade unions.

ii. Briefing on the current status of implementation of the Decent Work Country Programme 2018-2022 and the role of trade unions.

iii. Prepare common position and advocacy strategies to promote trade union rights according to International Labour Standards (C87 and C98) and ensure the formation and the function of trade unions and effective industrial relations.

iv. Action plan to build a Joint Platform of TUs for collective representation in different forums and advancing common position;

v. Strategy to strengthen and scale up Women and Youth participation in all levels of TUs.